Today is really not a good day, and definitely NOT MY DAY !!!

Chili's @ KLCC

Went to Chili's again. Haha.. My very favorite restaurant!

Cajun Chicken
Crunchy fried onion, cheese, tomatoes & chicken
Taste great, especially the fried onion

Bacon Burger
Very thick slice of beef, and bacons
too bad the beef is over-cooked

Mesquite Chicken Salad
Mountain like veges, grilled chicken, tomato cubes
crispy bacon slices scattered around the vege, also some cheese, and  corn
I really like this one! Bravo~

Fire Grilled Chicken Fajita Quesafillas
Some grilled chicken, onions, tomatoes, and cheese folded in 2 slices of crispy fajita
taste great to serve with salsa sauce
for those who love cheese, should really try this..

Win Soon Cafe @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

Last Wednesday went to Kuchai Lama for Fish Head Noodle, heard it's very popular for this. Came once last time, but due to it was night time, and the photos taken is not in good quality, so I didn't post it up. But I really like their food, especially the soup. But don't know is it because of the "ajinomoto", felt very thirsty after.

Win Soon Cafe, right next to the Station One at Kuchai Entrepreneurs, and same row with Jo-Jo Pan Mee.

Lemon Tea

Iced Honey Lemon Tea

Salty Lime

Fish Head Noodle, RM7.50
Very rich fish soup, served with 'fried pork'

Fish Paste Noodle, RM7.50
Same fish soup as the Fish Head Noodle, only different is that stuffing is fish paste
Hm, but I still prefer fish head noodle

Mixed Noodle of Fish Head and Fish Paste, RM7.50
Same as well, but its the advantage for those who likes both

What is NEVER ?


对于一般人来说, 从来, 是第三次.
举个例子, 一位妈妈叫正在玩电动游戏的儿子去做功课.
第一次, “儿子, 功课做完了没有, 快去做功课.” 儿子还在玩电动游戏.
第二次, “儿子, 快去做功课啦, 不要再玩了.” 儿子继续在玩电动游戏.
第三次, “死仔包, 叫你去做功课啦, 从来都不听!!”

对于一位女士来说, 从来, 永远是第一次.
再来一个例子. 两个面临分手的情侣 (姑无论两人一起三天, 三个月, 抑或三年).
女生对男生说, “你从来都没有爱过我!!”

– 黄子华


What is Never ?

For most people, NEVER, is the third time.
For e.g. a mother ask her son who is playing PS2, to do his homework.
1st time, "Son, have you finished your homework? Go do your homework." The son is still playing his PS2.
2nd time, "Son, faster go do your homework. Stop playing the game!" Still, the son is playing his PS2.
3rd time, "Hey son! I asked you go do your homework. Why you NEVER listen to me?!"

But, for most ladies, NEVER, is the first time.
For e.g. A couple in the mid of break-up. (no matter how long they have been together, 1 day, 1 year, 10 years..)
The girlfriend told the boyfriend, "You NEVER loved me!!"

- Dayo Wong Tze Wah

This is what I heard from a talk show by Dayo Wong. The moment his talk about this, I feel it's really funny. But come to think about it, it's so true.

Just wants to share to you all..

P/S: Not sure where he gets all his topics, probably it's what he is thinking?

Another year

Another year has just passed, my 33 years old birthday. 33, seems like a very terrified figure. What should a woman at this age posses, that she could call herself no regret?

A friend asked me, what's my feeling for being another year older?

Well, I would answer, I want everything, but i do not own anything at all.  Sigh, what's the meaning of life actually?

Yes, I have my black-horse. But he is loaned, and I'm still paying for the installment.
Yes, I have a considered stabled job. But I'm the only one that could tell if I am happy with it.

Yes, I'm in a relationship now. But who knows when will it get expired? Today, tomorrow, or day after tomorrow?

And yes, I have baby. But baby can company me for say, another 10+ years?

Feeling older and older each and every day now. Physically, and mentality. SIGH..

Incompatible Ba-Zi

A man has been with his woman for many years, and they finally decided to get married.

The mother of the man took their Ba-Zi for a compatible checking. Unfortunately, the result came out their Ba-Zi is not compatible. The woman would have damage the man's good fortune. The mother was so unhappy and commanded them to be separated.

The two actually loves each other very much. But the man is the eldest in his family. A younger brother is still at school. Family business still need his management. So what should they do? Obeyed to the mother and break-up? Disobeyed the mother and everybody scold them for being unfilial? And what if something bad happened, who should be responsible then?

In the end, the man thought of a way, 3 years. They should give each other 3 years to do own things, instead of get married back then. Man should take the 3 yeas to get the family business stable, to pass to the brother later. Woman should take the 3 years to continue her will, to further study aboard. In another word, they should break-up for 3 years. After 3 years, if both of them still love each other, then the man should pass the family business to his brother and get married with the woman.

Poor woman, lost the man for the bad Ba-Zi she has. A man she loves, and also loves her.
After a long long time, they eventually turned up break-up for real. The woman came back from oversea, and found herself a true love. She got married, and has a kid. 

But no sign for the man, no sure what actually happened to him..

Family? Housemates?

Saw this family yesterday when I went for dinner. Somehow, I do feel pathetic for them.

At the very beginning, they were having their dinner individually. I mean just eat, no talking. The father first finished his meal, and take out a newspaper to read. Then, the son finished his meal, and take out a PS2 and play on. Thirdly, the daughter finished her meal, and take our her phone, and starts SMS.The last person, the mother, is trying hard to finish the left-over on the table.

This, makes me wonder if this will be the future when I have my own family? There isn't any communication at all when a family is having dinner together. You eat yours while I eat mine. When everyone's full just leave the table.

God.. Is this still consider a family? I would say they are just a group of people that staying under one roof, more like a housemates! But then, perhaps, housemates have more communication?!

A friendly KWSP staff

Went to the KWSP department yesterday during lunch hour for some matter. Didn't go that area for a long time, it took me a few round before I managed to finally park the car and get into the building. Sigh.. All the one-way route..

Anyway, got myself a surprise when I stepped into the office. So few people are there waiting to be service, and the staff are very friendly. They chat with you, joke with you, and they do give efficient services too! Well, although most of the staff are just free and relax there. But then since so few customers there I think it's acceptable. Hm, seems like they did improve their services and attitudes.

I still remember the last time when I last came here. The staff all showing long black faces, and acted so cool when they serve you, never talk more.

Bravo to the changes!


Have you ever wonder that, if one day, when you walk on the street, the passer-by are all AI products. including yourself. In another words, those walking human-being-like creature, are all ROBOTS. What has this world became?

Everything would be the same. We go to work, have nice meal, watch movies, shopping, even having sex! All these activities are done by the surrogates. It's very much like the role-playing games, where we put on a connecting helmet and get our mind into the role, into the surrogate in this case. That way, the surrogate will have your will, and do whatever you wants to do for you. You do not need to worry about ill, about death, about the how ugly you are. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the damages on your body. Because there are always a replacement for you, because everything is going through the surrogate. He/She can be in any form that you would like them to be. Anything at all. Well, looks like everything just so perfect, right?

But, have you ever think of, if everyone in the world no longer use their true faces to meet people, you would not know the truth. What is the real person that at this moment standing in front of you? Tall or short? Fat or slim? The communication among people, is only the brain waves communication through the machines.  Will you not have a feeling that your being cheated, while you are cheating on others?

Plus, when one lost in real touch with others, there will no longer be an intimate relationship. There will be a great wall behind every face.

Will you just not feel pathetic, when you do not know who is this person that standing in front of you at all?

P/S: It's been a long while since I last watch Bruce Willis movie. I've been his fans all the while. Well, atl east he don't simple take in any movie..

Lie To Me

picture from Internet

Was watching a very popular English drama recently, it's called Lie To Me.

The story is about the good research for human body languages, and micro-expression.The main character can determine one's emotion, and if he is lying, by his body languages and his face micro-expression. He did make some good contribution to the local's police investigation.

He said, when one shows his sincere smile, his eye's wrinkle will show it. But if one's showing no wrinkle at his eye, then it's fake.

Also, when one's sad, the end part of his eyebrows area will be drop down. And, when one's showing reluctant, his shoulder will slightly bend over back. Things like that.. I feel really amazing to see this.

Of course, all this small tricks we might be abandoned it at our daily life. But I was thinking, if you could really just see one so clearly by just one look, isn't it a putout? Since you already know what's he going to do next, there will not be any surprise afterall. Well, unless he is so good in telling lies, that you aren't aware at all.

But then, come to think about it. When one is lying, can he be trusted still?

Delicious @ Mid Valley

It's really a very good fortune to meet your very good friends that we haven't met for a long time. Well, what's make me feel great is that we all stayed healthy and happy. The only thing I feel regretful is just one of the member has missed the event. Hm, wonder when will be the next gathering?
We decided to meet at Delicious, at Mid Valley. Like its comfortable environment. Another reason is because it's just right in the middle of our office.

the decor of Delicious, the comfortable feel

right in front of us, was a white plant, with a lot of white cages

Death by Iced Chocolate (will I be the death after it?)

Forgot what's the name of this drink, some coffee wth cream?

Latte, my beloved
Frankly, just taste normal

Wild Mushroom Soup
Very rich mushroom soup, slightly taste a little spicy from the black pepper
good matched with garlic bread, well done!

Seafood Cheese Pasta
the seafood is very fresh, especially the shrimps
well cooked spaghetti, good to chew
but too much cheese, made it too cheesy
it tasted slightly oily for too much cheese and olive oil
but overall, it taste good

Tom Yam Spaghetti
very heavy taste of tom yam and lemon grass
something special though

Compromise = Pressure

Guy says, do not always wait me at home, do not wait me for dinner, do not always wait me for this and that. I felt like looking after a child. It makes me feel pressured.

Girl's tears like the pouring rain after this.

Girl says, I spare all my time to you, so whenever you wanted to be with me, I can just go to you. Guy are busy, she knew and tried to understand it. She wish to spend more time with him, just like everybody else do, so they can share something together, or do something together. She doesn't mind if has to be with a group of friends together, she just want to be with him. Is this wrong?

Girl says, actually I just hope guy will concern more about me, takes me in his mind. Let me be with him, makes me exist in his life. Most importantly, cares about my feeling.

~~ ** ~~

Not sure what happened, but quite a number of friends got problem in their relationship. Well, in fact, it may happened every day, just that we didn't take note on that. A and B broke up. B and C are now together. C has a third-party hiding behind. Basically, anything could just happened.

I just want to write it down, as a notes. Who knows, you may find your shadow in one of this the stories?

Wendy's @ IOI Mall

Last Sunday I wake up early, to IOI Mall for some groceries shoppe. Iron board, mop, are the items in the list. And, so I came a bit early for my brunch of the day. 

Wendy's, right in the west wing of IOI Mall, Puchong. To get there, you may take the entrance of Kenny Roger's, then turn left, pass by the Esquire Kitchen on your right, then you shall be able to see Wendy's at your left.

Cozy house-like feel

My Beef Burger Set

A cup of Coke, A bag of French Fries, and A Beef Burger
Coke, doesn't taste like coke at all. Told the waiter to change, but they said this is how it should taste. Gosh
French Fries, eatable when it's hot. I would prefer Mc's though
Beef Burger, the meat was cut into square size, taste so-so, nothing special

The Apartment @ The Curve

After dinner at Mizi, we went to The Apartment @ The Curve, for a drink. I actually prefer coffee, but Fox likes beer, so does the friend.

Been to this restaurant before, for dinner. But I never write about it, for no nice photo, lazy to write. Frankly, I don't really like a post without photo, just find rather dull and boring, especially something about food!

Hm, anyway. They actually serve nice food, good to taste. And the cozy environments makes you feel like your relaxing at your own home. Hehe, if only I have a home like this~

White Wine
People say, white wine is the perfect match for white meat (fish, etc)

Hm.. Does this server after kill Kenny ?

Hehe.. My favorite!

Mojito Classic
Hm, don't know how should i describe this, but I really can't stand the taste
Sour and bitter, plus the strong taste of lime, gosh..

Drinks, are the theme of the nights, no food. But I was so busy to take photos with the  450D. Hehe.. Many shots, but very little nice shots.

So, do give some comments please?

The corner next to the DJ counter
There placed few sofas, and a small coffee table, cozy n relax
It should feels great when you come here having a drink with your good friends in the companion of nice music

DJ Counter

I like this, the yellowish lamp give people a very warm feeling