Departure Lounge @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Ever since I got my black horse, I just can't sit quietly at home but driving around. Then, I read this cafe from some food blogger, that they keep praise its food and environment. And, thinking that JD and I didn't meet up for quiet sometimes, so we decided to head on for a breakfast. So here I am, wake up early in the Sunday morning, just to go for a lovely breakfast with a lovely person. =)

Although the location was quite difficult to get to, luckily I have GPS with me. But, still I think it's worth for the try. Comfortable environment, great food, nice coffee, moreover you can get yourself connected to the Internet. What else do you ask for?

So, this cafe, is all about breakfast, all kind of breakfast. And they only serve breakfast kind of food. That's why they got a name, ALL DAY BREAKFAST. Well, if you do not wish to have a heavy meals, and you wanted to have some nice coffee, you may come to this place, it's just right place!

Oh, and thanks JD, for the breakfast! So the next round will be on me, kay ?

This, is the all-day breaky I ordered.

Here, is the main entrance of the cafe, there is some open area outside too.
And as you can see, the wall behind the entrance has got lots of postcards from different countries.

Right after the entrance, you may found this corner with lots of books, magazines, and information about travels around the world on the bookshelf.
Oh, and also the big green menu on the wall.

After the menu, you may come to the counter, place your order, pay for the order, and wait for your order to be serve. Oh you will have to bring your own drinks back to your seats, while the waiter will bring you your food once it's ready. Yes, it is self-service here.

And I love this, the cozy area in the cafe.
Just imagine, with a cup of nice coffee, and a laptop on your lap, you can get connected to the Internet comfortably. What a nice idea right?

And, this is the sandwich I ordered.
Yummy croissant, with sunny fried egg, and a slice of ham, a slice of cheese, sausages, tomatoes, and vege. It's just so delicious!

Not to mention this crispy nachos, served with salsa sauce.
Just wonderful~

Oh ofcourse, this is a must! My beloved latte~