Insurance for LOVE

ASTRO is showing a Chinese HK TVB series now, every Monday to Friday, at 2030.

Insurance for LOVE, is the insurance to insure your love, your relationship with your loved one.

If you insured your love, you will get a sum for the rewards when you get married.

But, can love really be insured? How many relationship managed to step further, to the other end of the red carpet? How many couple managed to survive till their old?

It's not that I don't believe in love, it's just the way people think nowadays, has gone too far. It's just another world we have to face now.

It used to be the sons and daughters have to follow their parents' command (sort of), and just marry whoever the parents think they are suitable.
Now? Who cares if we are still together the next minute? The thing is we are together at this minute.

Of course, there are still lots of people who think that love is for your lifetime, that he/she will be the only one. Just that, this group of people are getting lesser and lesser..

Somehow, I think if I tell people that I'm one of the person in the group, I might get laughed at.
"Hello, this is 21st century now. If we can get together then just stay together. If we can't get together then just leave each other. What so big deal?"
Some with more open minded may say, "My goodnes! You are such a geek! I never have my partner more than 1 day!"

Well, I have to admit that I am one in the group, that I do think love is for my lifetime. Once you found him, he is the one. I will try my very best to sustain the relationship. I am looking for a relationship that last forever, yes!