[ 排毒 ]

Daddy's mum gave me 4 packs of the Herbal Tea to try. She bought it from a Chinese Tradition Medicine doctor, who actually produce the tea herself.

The herbal tea actually have the function of de-tox. It helps to pass out the poison in our body system. Once the poison been cleared, then you are ready to accept the required nutrition.

So, as expected, been visiting the toilet after I took the tea. One thing, I usually take the the tea in the afternoon about 1500+. But my stomach will usually struggle starts during midnight. Hm.. Could it be the poison in my body too strong that it takes longer time for the war?

Day 1. 2300+ once. 0400+ once.
Day 2. 0100+ once. 0300+ once. 0500+ once.
Day 3. 0300+ once.
Day 4. It will be tonight, let's see what happen then.

Been late to office the whole week, usually reached about 1000. Gosh, really can't get up in the morning, my eyes like so reluctant to open. It's really really tiring..