Office @ India

[ 公司@印度 ]

It's been quite some times I've been here, but it seems like I didn't write any post about this India office. Well, here it is..

The office is at second floor in this building

Once you step into the office, you will see the big sign of Company Name

(Left) The hallway toward the washrooms. Both areas next to the hallway are where our seats are.
(Right) This is my seat, clean and neat, with my 19" flat screen monitor!

(Left) The water filter machine near to the entrance
(Right) The staircase to go upper floor in office. On the left is another office room where on the right is the canteen.

(Left) The beloved canteen, a place where we used to chit chat here too.
(Right) The other side of the canteen, have this big LCD screen hanging on the wall. Well, I think the size is about 47 inches?

(Left) My most favorite in the office, the coffee maker machine!
(Right) This, is the milk coffee coming out from the coffee maker machine. It's unsweetened, just the way I like it.

August Rush

[ August Rush ]

If you like music, you are going to like this movie. A genius in music, is trying to look for his long lost parent through music. The songs or musics being played in the movies are all nice, especially the one written by the child to sort-of feedback to his parents.

The Dream to Travel Around West Malaysia

[ 马来西亚环游半岛游之梦 ]

I used to have this conversation with a very closed friend of mine, that we are going to take a tour around West Malaysia. Yes, and we are going to drive ourself around, right before we going out from Malaysia. From Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Johore Bahre, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah, Perak, then back to Kuala Lumpur. There go, two ladies, one camera, takes all the photos along the road, eat all the way up and down. Well, this is always a cruel world.. So, end up we didn't managed to any place.

Oh well, we did go to Malacca, 2D1N. Two ladies, not familiar with the roads at all, just drive a car to there. And simple find a guest house to stay overnight. A very 'chicken-place' alike.. Hahaha.. But then now that I think about it, I'm glad that we made it. It's such a good experiences!

Was having a chat with a friend just now, talking about this. Oh so she has the same idea before. So, here we are, planning to have a trip, a West Malaysia Tour when I'm back to KL. And this time, we aren't gonna miss a place!

As a Malaysian, if we didn't go to all 13 states of Malaysia, will the 'guai-lou' laugh at us? We din't even visit all states in our country, and yet we wanted to go to other's countries. How patriotic are we... Hm..

Anyway, have you ever have the same thought as me? Working on the plan? Or have you already went all?

And what if, I have this plan, will you join me?

Today's Meal @ 20080328

[ 今日餐点@20080328 ]

  • Mutton Bryani, the mutton is rather
  • Crunchy Fried Biscuit
  • Curry Potatoes
  • Carrot cooked with Tomatoes
And for today, nice dessert.

Fruit cake with custard. The cake is OK, the custard isn't too sweet, they just made a perfect match.

The Bucket List

[ The Bucket List ]

Photos from Wikipedia - The Bucket List

This is a story about two old folks. They met each other when they going through a cancer medication procedures in a hospital. They actually stayed together during the whole procedures. Then, they came out this list called, the bucket list, which means the list before we kick the bucket. Next thing they do, is to do accordingly to the bucket list. Well, ofcourse, you may call the list, a list of dreams.

So, friend, why don't you also come out your own bucket list? Put in all things that you wanted to do in the list, and do accordingly. Am sure, you will have more times than they do.

And so, what will you put in the list?

Refer to the official website, The Bucket List.

Today's Meal @ 20080327

  • Kadai Curry Chicken, curry isn't spicy, taste not bad at all
  • Cucumber + Tomatoes
  • Curry vegetables, the curry taste a little sour, I don't like it
  • Curry Potatoes with Vege
  • Crunchy Fried Biscuit
  • Steamed rice
Didn't take tea-time today, I mean the snack. It's something like fried bread, which is extremely oily. So, no photo for today's snacks..

P/S: To ease the reading of the dishes, I will write the dish name clockwise.


[ 无聊啊 ? ]

Well, do you feel boring to see me writing all this meal posts? It'd be most probably the one who wrote it is the one bored. Haha..

No choice, didn't get to anywhere during this trip so far. Got nothing much to do here, basically everyday after work back home what I did is to be a, hm.. thief? Oops, so sorry.. Anyway, so you may found most of my posts are food related, or movies review related, or songs review related. Of course, sometimes we did went to groceries store nearby. But that's it, nowhere else. And, the next day wake up, it's work time.

Day by day.. repeat the same old thing.. Extremely bored.. What to do? You just can't do much here, even if you have lots of money. Well, I don't mean I have lots of money, just you do not have any place to spend money on. Don't get me wrong ok..

You ask, what am I doing here during weekend? Well, the answer is still the same. Sleep till 12pm, wake up and make myself some food to fill my stomach, then get online surf net, check out people's blogs, find new movies, watch movies.. And, don't be surprise, it's my weekend.

You ask, why don't I go out for a walk? Well, it's really warm out there, the sun is like burning. I already get so dark that I think baby can't recognize me.. I, am already a super duper ugly women!! HOW HOW HOW???

Some more, the transportation here is really inconvenient. If we have to go out, we have to take the rickshaw, and most probably have a fight with the rickshaw-man for the fares. Or, we can take the auto-cab, but it would takes up the least half an hour to just wait for it. And, sometimes they just tell you there is NO CAB. Besides, the malls here are just so lousy, worse than Sg. Wang, it made more bored. Better just stay at home..

So, what you think I can do here? Where can I find some inspiration for my blogs? Can't even see people here though..

It's really pathetic..

Today's Meal @ 20080326

[ 今日餐点@20080326 ]

  • Palak Chicken, tasted like raw vegetables..
  • Curry dont-know-what, haha.. I really don't know what is this
  • Crunchy fried biscuit
  • Cucumber + tomatoes
  • Steam rice
Today, we have a very nice dessert, the Vanila taste ice cream!

They put some Hershey's syrup on top of the ice-crem, yum yum~

And this, is the tea-time for today, the Curry Puff filling with curry potatoes.

There is a little surprise today, someone in the office bought us this snacks. some kind of Indian snack.

Taste not bad actually, taste alike coconut slices, not too sweet. But then, feel bloated after half of it...

Today's Meal@20080325

[ 今日餐点@20080325 ]

  • Lemon rice
  • Onion fried bread, this is rather oily
  • Curry egg, the curry taste a bit sour
  • Curry potatoes, different type of curry, but I don't know the name
  • Crunchy potato chips, this the best ever
  • Cucumber + tomatoes
Other than lunch, with RS20 (RM2) we will have tea-time served at about 1700 too. Yes, RS20 for one lunch + one tea-time. Well, of course, there is another RS110 (RM11) paid by company.

So, usually they serve some Indian snacks for tea.

Samosa, a famous Indian snack, with filling of curry potatoes, green beans, and some Indian spice.

This, is the tissue I used to wrap the samosa when I eat. Look at it! It has became a super duper oil sucker after used. Damn...

Buy New Car? Buy Me Cake!!

[ 买新车?请吃蛋糕! ]

Hm.. I'm not sure if this is as what I think, that this is a common practice for all India, or just for my company's Indian. This is the forth week I'm here, and this is the second time I get to eat the cake served for the celebration of someone in the company bought a new car.

Don't ask me what's the flavor of the cake, it taste ok, but the structure of the cake itself may be too rough, and dry.

My colleagues and I have been thinking, where does the cake actually came from? Was it a gift from the Car Agent? Did they bought it personally to share the joy with us? Or it's one of the way they trying to tell the world, that they have bought a new car ?


[ 午餐@20080324 ]

  • Butter chicken
  • Tomatoes
  • Fried lady fingers
  • Crunchy fried potato chip
  • Steam rice with green bean
Well, just wanted to show my dear friends, what am I having here every day as my lunch. So from now on, you will get to know what do I eat, the lunch provided by the company canteen.


[ 27 Dresses ]

Photos from

Watched this movie yesterday night, from the same writer of "Devil Wears Prada". Hm.. Well, rather commercial movie I will say.

But one thing, you are able to see different kind of wedding themes in the movie. Some are real cool. Under the water, at the beach, on the ship, SM, cowboy, classic, Japanese, Indian, etc.. For those who are planning on wedding anytime soon, you may get a pretty good idea though.

~~ ** ~~

Synopsis from wikipedia:

Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) has been a bridesmaid for twenty-seven weddings. One night when she is attending two weddings almost simultaneously, she is trampled by a crowd trying to catch the bride’s bouquet. A man helps her up and introduces himself as Kevin Doyle (James Marsden). He helps her to her taxi and brings her home. He is on his way home when he realizes Jane accidentally left her planner in the cab, and Kevin picks it up. It turns out that Kevin is the person who writes the Commitments page for the New York City Journal, under the pseudonym of Malcolm Doyle, who happens to be Jane’s favorite writer. However, he aspires to write larger articles, real articles. After seeing Jane’s planner, he decides to write about “the perpetual bridesmaid” so he can move up farther in his career. He just plans to use Jane, who is unaware that Kevin is Malcolm Doyle, for his own means.

The next day, Kevin sends Jane flowers, but she does not know he was the one who sent them. Her friend from the office, Gina, confirms that Jane is attending her engagement party that evening. It is revealed Jane is in love with her boss, George, who is the only one who doesn’t know about Jane’s feelings for him. Jane’s younger sister, Tess, comes to visit and decides to come to the party. At the party, George asks if what he left on Jane’s desk was all right with her, if their new type of relationship was all right. Jane is convinced by her friend Casey that he was the one who sent her the flowers. Jane later learns he had left a dry cleaning slip on her desk, right before she is about to confess her love to him. Kevin appears and Jane has her planner returned. He has torn out a week and written his name and phone number on every Saturday for the rest of the year.

Tess and George meet, and then go dancing. Tess comes home in the morning, and it is evident that she and George are together. Soon, Tess and George are dating and Tess finds out from Jane that George is a vegetarian, likes animals and the outdoors. Although Tess isn’t any of these things, she pretends to be to get George to like her. Tess and George get engaged, and Jane’s father gives Tess their mother’s wedding dress, even though Jane was supposed to get it. Tess gets it altered significantly and takes Jane’s ideal wedding plans.

Jane discovers that Kevin is Malcolm Doyle, and Tess, not knowing about the previous weddings, tells Kevin that Jane is his number one fan and that she cuts out all his articles. Jane thinks Kevin is a cynic and hates weddings, and when she finds out what he writes, she is shocked by his seemingly affectionate and beautiful articles. However, she still hates him.

Kevin has Jane try on all her bridesmaid dresses and sends the article to his boss. She agrees to put it on the front page, but Kevin asks her to give him another week. He thinks he made Jane too one-dimensional, and is starting to fall for her.

Meanwhile, Jane has to plan out Tess’ wedding, and while scanning things for a bridal registry, she and Kevin register Tess for the ugliest things. Jane and George meet to discuss the wedding food. Kevin walks in, and realizes Jane is in love with George. He insists he take George’s place linen shopping, so that the groom-to-be can make a family dinner on time. While in the car with Jane, Kevin confronts her about her love for George. Jane denies it, and speeds up the road, causing the car to hydroplane, and become stuck in the mud at the side of the road. The two hike to a bar in the rain to find a phone, and as there is none, they have several drinks instead.

Kevin and Jane begin to talk and realize they both have something in common, their favorite part of weddings. They both like to look at the groom when the bride makes her grand entrance, so that they can see the expression on his face. Both end up getting drunk and dancing on the counter singing Bennie and the Jets. After they jump down, Kevin admits to Jane that he cries at some weddings, and they kiss. Later, they have sex in Jane’s car and go out to breakfast. There, Jane sees the article Kevin wrote about her because his boss decided to just publish it as it was. She becomes extremely angry, and storms out. Kevin gets upset, not enjoying his new position. He realizes that unlike what his boss said, he didn’t get everything he wanted. Tess gets extremely angry at the way Kevin portrayed her as Bridezilla, but decides to forgive Jane. After seeing that Tess has destroyed their mother’s wedding dress in her alterations, Jane blows up and says if Tess doesn’t tell George the truth about who she is, Jane will.

Tess however does nothing to the threat, So Jane makes a slideshow to show at Tess and George’s engagement party. Tess had instructed her only to say certain things, but Jane shows pictures of Tess with other guys, eating ribs, and holding a cat by the tail. George breaks off the engagement, which upsets Tess, who is now angry at Jane. Kevin comes later that night and tells her how proud he is. He gives her a Palm Centro to keep track of her wedding stuff for all the trouble he caused her, and tells her he’ll disappear from her life now. Tess and Jane eventually reconcile, and realize each other don’t have it easy as the other thought.

In the end, George tells Jane he loves her because she never says no. Jane snaps out of her sadness and quits her job, admitting that she was in love with him. Jane and George kiss, but realize there isn’t any chemistry. The phone rings at that moment to the song Kevin sung with her in the bar, and Jane realizes that she loves Kevin. She runs to find Kevin at someone else’s wedding, where the bride recognizes her from Kevin’s article and prompts Jane to say that she loves him in front of the wedding crowd. He admits to feeling the same way and the two kiss.

The story flashes forward to Kevin’s and Jane’s wedding one year later. Tess and George start all over, with Tess telling the truth this time. Jane wears her 28th dress and admits that though Kevin wasn’t what she was looking for, he looked at her the way she always wanted to be looked at as she walks down the aisle. She also makes the 27 brides she was bridesmaid for wear the dresses she had to wear for each of their weddings.

A Life for Sale

[ 拍卖人生 ]

There is this English gentleman, that is currently staying in Australia, trying to have his life open for life. Where? When? Why? What?


June 22nd, 2008 at noon

His beloved wife leaving him for another man, he felt so fed up of his current life that full of his wife's shadow. So he decided to get a way from all this, and starts a new. To do so, he needs money.

Everything, just everything belongs to him. His house, bike, bycycle, job, clothes, family, friends, etc etc etc

Please refer to A Life 4 Sale.


There must be some unbearable pain when one has to sell off his life. But this guy, is it really necessary to do so? Is it worth after all? I mean does he has to go this extreme?

Well anyway, I'm thinking... If I would like to sell off my life too, will there be any buyer? Hm..

What do you think? Will you sell of your life?

Festival of Holi, India

[ 印度春之节 (Festival of Holi) ]

My company was having a small celebration of the Festival of Holi, India.

This is what we used to put on people's face, as a sign of blessing

They serves some snacks too

It's fun time~

So, there we go, got blessed.

You may refer to Holi Festival for more details..

年年有今日 - 古巨基

[ 年年有今日 - 古巨基 ]

A new song from Leo Ku.

Funny and funky rhythm, nice song~

To download, click 年年有今日.

~~ ** ~~

- 古巨基

我未忘在小店 与你吃炸酱面 这生日太经典
凭珠耳绳使芳心甜 自此开始发展
若事潜在不变 也要与你逐年 共度难忘经验
如今我手机更声甜 愿跟海鲜血战

每份礼物筹划过 配合你星座
明年惟求能突破 只清唱半段情歌
那日会如何度过 而你亦鸣谢我

今天陪你再大一岁 仍纯得似清水
如我爱你是金句 要讲到你睡去
一生陪你每大一岁 仍洞悉你心水
不忍你 流半滴泪 为了理想新居

日夜勤力争气 每到这个日期 都想给你惊喜
如家具阿X能报喜 储蓄得有道理
礼物纵未迎合你 仍赞颂我品味
送上我从前日记 竟使你快乐无比

接受我未成大器 仍当十全十美
对合照来描绘你 珍惜比钻戒优美

今天陪你再大一岁 仍纯得似清水
如我爱你是金句 要讲到你睡去
一生陪你每大一岁 仍洞悉你心水
不忍你 流半滴泪 能有你这爱侣 我自问被抬举

使我知 在乎谁

To Love . Be Loved

[ 爱人.被爱 ]

To Love
You will do just anything for him/her
You will change yourself just to please him/her
You will be very happy for the tiny little thing you have done for him/her

Whatever he/she said, is like a command to you
When he/she says left, you wouldn't say right
When he/she says yes, you wouldn't say no

Every little acts he/she did, causing your mood swing
One hug, would make you feel so warm and sweet like you are holding the whole world in your arms
One annoyed sight, would make you feel so terrible like you been abandoned by the whole world

You will think of all possible ways to make him/her happy
You will do your very best just to make him/her stay
All this, just because you loves him/her more than him/her do/does

If, there is this day
He/she get moved by you
Congratulations, you are lucky
The story of you and him/her started the day

If, there is this day
You gets tired
Congratulations, you are lucky too
It's time to buck up and starts a new life, without him/her


Be Loved
The character been switched, the one to be pleased, is YOU
It's his/her pleasure, to be able to do a tiny little thing for you

Whatever you said, is the command to him/her
When you say left, he/she dare not say right
When you say yes, he/she dare not say no

Every little act by you, affecting his/her emotion
A hug from you, made him/her so happy
An annoyed sight, made him/her so sad

He/she will try his/her very best, just to add some marks to the shadow in your eyes
He/she will do anything at all, just to make you stay
It's all be cause he/she loves you more than you do

If, there is this day
You get moved by him/her
Well then, you are lucky
To have someone that loves you whole heartedly

If, there is this day
He/she gets tired
Well then, you are unlucky
To lost someone that loves you and cares you as much as he/she did


To Love, or Be Loved
Which one do you think can bring you the happiness?

Confusing . Wondering

[ 不明白 . 纳闷 ]

Why, do people have to go through the 4 phases(birth, get older, sickness, dead)?
Dose your journey of life, already been decided during the moment you are born?

Why, do people have feeling and emotion?
When you are happy, you smile
When you are sad, you cry
When you are angry, you scold

Why, do people must live?
What is the purpose of living?
Everyday repeat whatever we have done yesterday, what is the fun of it?

Why, do people have different fate?
We, are all human being. Why there are so big differences between our fate?
You, may live happily the whole life
I, may live like a busy bird the whole life
He, may live like a lousy fellow the whole life

What is the meaning of life?
What is the definition of meaning of life?
What exactly is the meaning itself?

Suddenly these questions cross over my mind. But then, in the end, I couldn't find any of this answer.

Those great words to motivate people, I know plenty of it. But, how many of us can really work on it? Well, I have to admit that I can't.

Tomorrow will be better
When, is this tomorrow coming?
Will I be able to even get rid of today?

To live aggressively, to chase your dreams
How to be aggressive if I don't even have the target?
Dreams.. is too far away that I don't even dare to think about it.

Do not mess up the condition, do not think too much
When you are surrounded by darkness, can you not think?
When you been hurt by the lies again and again, can you not think?

It is absolutely depends on your thinking, whether a glass of water is half empty, or half full
When you have been facing too many negatives, can you still be positives?
Who don't want to be positives?

The collection of 深雪

[ 深雪作品集 ]

Was rather boring few weeks back at work.. (Hm.. hey don't you tell my bosses kay?) So, I went googled one of my favorite writer, a pretty lady from Hong Kong, 深雪.

Very lucky, I found a collection of her from the net. For those who love her books, or stories too, you may have a visit to 文搜网's 深雪作品集. Or, you can also visit her official website, 雪猫府.

Listed below are some of her popular works,
I strongly recommend this, 二姝梦续集. An unexpected mixed with little fantasies, made a fantastic story line.

The triplets of Mistery, selling not only wishes, but love too. The undying love between Monalisa, and Davinnci. Then, the SM style relationship betwee Monalisa, and Henry VI, for her to gain a life.

A sumptuous meal from lovel thai colleagues

[ 泰国同事煮的美味泰国餐 ]

Our lovely friendly thai colleagues invited us to their house for a sumptuous thai food. Well, of course we are going no matter what, just no matter what at all. It's food man!

Diew & Ning,
Thanks for the lovely and yummy lunch!
Khop Khun Mak Kha!!

Well, luckily we did go, or else we have missed a so delicious meal. They cook superb!!

Tomyam Soup, ingredients include chicken, mushroom, tomatoes, lemon grass, chilly, parsley, and the tomyam paste they brought all the way from Thailand.

(Left) Som-Tam, papaya salad. Ingredients include papaya slices, friend peanuts, tomatoes, and line juices. Taste absolutely great!
(Right) Fried chicken and cashew nuts. Ingredients include chicken, fried cashew nuts, mushroom, and fried chilly. The cashew nuts taste so crunchy. Another superb dish!

Thai style red curry. Ingredient include chicken, lemon grass, chilly, and the curry paste they brought from Thailand. Well, thai curry doesn't really taste spicy, it's rather sweet. Taste great!

Well, of course this is not all we had. After the main course there must be some desserts right? Seeing they are the one who cook all the main course for us, so we decided to brought desserts.

The Black Forest Cake we bought at the cake shop nearby, RS500 (RM50). Hm.. frankly the taste isn't as good as we can get in KL, but compared to others here in India, I guess this is considered very not bad. But there is something about this cake, there isn't blackcurrant inside the cakes! To me it's more like a chocolate cakes, with the outlook alike black forest, hm..

Baskin Robin's chocolate flavor ice cream, RS260 (RM25). Taste good, not too sweet, and it's very chocolaty. Superb!

After the meal, must take a shot of the members in the house! Well, too bad Diew isn't in the picture, he has to take the photo. Sorry Diew~

Snow Buddies

[ Snow Buddies ]

Photos from

Just watched this comedy the other day. (Official Website) Hehe.. Dog lovers, you must watch this! believe me you gonna love it!!

5 little extremely smart and cool goldens, plus one little husky. Made up to be a sleigh team. Well, one thing you cannot miss, the special characteristics of this 5 little goldens!

Based on the photo, form left to right, top to bottom:
Rosebud, a typical like-to-look-pretty girl, help her master do the dress selection every morning.
Shasta, a very royal and honest husky, helping her master to build up the sleigh team.
Mudbud, a dirt and mud lover, like to roll over in the mud and you hardly find a clean spot on him.
Buddha, a strong yoga practice boy, teaching yoga and practicing meditation every morning.
Budderball, he likes to eat, likes to play, especially basketball.
B-dawg, a very black-man-style the yo-yo-yotoo.

Last but not least, baby's friend was there too. A very strong and big St, Bernard, who also the police dog at the area. He also responsible for the first-aid rescue job! Well of course, my baby is far more prettier.. Haha~

Synopsis (extracted from Wikipedia):

The movie follows the story of Buddy and Molly’s offspring in Washington. The puppies are playing hide-and-seek one morning when Butterball finds an ice-cream truck. Rosebud spots the hapless canine and follows him in an attempt to help. Hilarity ensues when Buddha finds them both in the truck and B-Dawg and Mud-Bud end up in the truck which is shipping to Alaska.

In Alaska, the Buddies meet Shasta, a young husky whose owner wants nothing more than to mush. The puppies take a vote to help a grateful Shasta to pursue his dreams. Unfortunately, as Shasta has no parents, this puts the puppies in a predicament as there is nobody to teach them how to become snow dogs and the local population of older puppies sneers at the thought of them learning how. Luckily, they find Talon, his father’s mentor, in the mountains. Although initially reluctant, Shasta manages to persuade Talon into teaching the over-zealous puppies into becoming his new protégés by reminding him that “It’s not the size of the dog that counts but the heart of team”.

When Shasta introduces his owner, Adam, to his new sleigh team, the child is delighted at the prospect of his dreams coming true and the team pursue vigorous training routines often to comedic effect.

Adam begins building a new sleigh with his team of hard-working puppies. Talon proudly watches as the team’s efforts come to fruition and it seems as though they are cooperating as a team. The older town huskeys, however, are not impressed and begin to plan their downfall. They reveal to the Buddies that Shasta’s parents died when the ice beneath them shattered to dishearten them.

Back in Washington, Buddy and Molly find Budderball’s toy American football on the back of the ice-cream truck and proceed to take the same route the puppies did to Alaska.

Talon calls the puppies to the mountain late on night to view the Northern Lights before he departs telling Shasta that knows all he needs to know and that he can become the great leader that his father was. The following morning, the puppies enter the race with Adam. After being reminded by how treacherous the race is by the race manager, the puppies begin their trek.

Meanwhile, Buddy and Molly go looking for the puppies in Alaska where the rescue dog Bernie informs them of their participation in the race and without hesitation try to find the puppies. Adam’s father also begins looking for his son.

The team manage to make it to the midway checkpoint without much difficulty. The sheriff finally checks his email and finds out that the puppies in his town are actually the missing puppies from Washington. The snowstorm becomes more and more dangerous as Adam’s father gets snowed in and Adam’s main competitor and owner of the rival snow dogs begins cheating by sabotaging the competing sleds. Adam and the team take shelter in an inuit until the storm subsides. They come head to head with their opponent, Jean George and Adam gets injured.

Luckily Adam recovers. Jean George’s dogs, the bullies from earlier get into trouble when the ice beneath them shatters. Jean George continues and abandons his dogs while Adam and the puppies begin a rescue operation despite Shasta’s fears of his parents’ deaths. The puppies pull the dogs out of the icy waters and Jean George resumes the race without any gratitude.

Jean George’s dogs realise they owe nothing to their owner and everything to Shasta and the Buddies, and so, slow down causing Jean George to lose the race. Adam is victorious and the Buddies reunite with Buddy and Molly. Jean George gives out to his dogs and they respond in kind by chasing him around the Arctic. The Buddies, all seven of them return home on via airplane.

Bangkok9 @ Food Factory

[ Bangkok9 @ Food Factory ]

It's just another groceries shopping day. And we are going to have our usual Bangkok 9 again. The only different is that I ordered another dish this time, no more Phad Thai.

(Left) The 3 chili sauces served by Bangkok 9.
(Right) Seafood Tomyam Soup. It taste stronger than the vege's.

(Left) Pineapple fried rice with cashew nuts. Too less cashew nut, can barely see one or two nuts. The taste? So-so.
(Right) Fried rice nam prik plao, fried rice with thai chili sauce. Hm.. It taste different from what I can remembered. Doesn't taste as good as it supposed to be?

(Left) Fried noodle.
(Right) This is from another stall, fried rice with chilly chicken.