Today's Meal @ 20080326

[ 今日餐点@20080326 ]

  • Palak Chicken, tasted like raw vegetables..
  • Curry dont-know-what, haha.. I really don't know what is this
  • Crunchy fried biscuit
  • Cucumber + tomatoes
  • Steam rice
Today, we have a very nice dessert, the Vanila taste ice cream!

They put some Hershey's syrup on top of the ice-crem, yum yum~

And this, is the tea-time for today, the Curry Puff filling with curry potatoes.

There is a little surprise today, someone in the office bought us this snacks. some kind of Indian snack.

Taste not bad actually, taste alike coconut slices, not too sweet. But then, feel bloated after half of it...