Are you bored, baby?

[ 宝贝你很闷吗 ]

Saw baby the other day on the Skype. She seems so lonely and boring.. My heart was pain..

Sing with me

[ 为我伴唱 ]

Viewed a video clip from the Internet the other day, a dog sing for his owner while his owner playing guitar. It reminded me of a dog I used to have,

I played piano last time during my secondary school. Every evening, I would practice my piano at the living hall. Right after few songs, you would hear another voice. Hehe.. It's from one of my dog. Perhaps, he would like to sing together with my piano.

He, named zai-zai, a mixed breed dog with black and white color fur. Hm.. Well if you look at his fur, you would say this dog is so dirty and ugly, just because of his messy fur. He seems to be rather fierce, when he bark. But deep down, he is so silly and funny. Just too bad, I can't find his photo and upload here. Back in KL, I do have few of his photos.

Back then, my house have only few dogs. My eldest sister didn't like him. She thinks he is sort of crazy, so usually just locked him up in the cage. And, he got no choice but to stay in the cage. Still, he like my eldest sister, happy to see her around.

I like to look for him, probably I think he is really pity. Others can walk around the surrounding, but he has to be in the cage alone. So I sneak in the cage to play with him everyday. He liked to play, jump here and there, run here n there, a real funny fellow.

Unfortunately, he has infected by some decease, some blardy flies shit on his penis, and it turned to be worms. This blardy worms ate his penis..

I tried to use the dettol plus water to clean his wound, but all to its no avail. His wounds getting worse, the worms like never gone. I have to sit down there with him, clean his wound, and catch the worms. And tell you what, I can clearly see his eyes filled with tears. It's pain, no doubt.

Some times later, he passed away. I don't know the actual reason why because we didn't send him to the vet, eldest sister won't allow him to sit in her car. Hm.. Most probably because the worms got into his inner organs.. Sigh..

That was 10 years plus ago. I do miss them some times now, every one of them, him, his mother, and his sister. They are all my beloved.

didn't practice piano now no more, no one would accompany me, and sing for me then.