Doctor visiting in India

[ 印度看病记]
Finally, I can't stand the suffering, and went to doctor yesterday. Shivam Hospital, located quite near to my office. It's a very small hospital, so different from M'sia's. The doctors here are very patience, they asked about your illness very patience, analyze it and explain to you.

The procedure s slightly different too. First, you will have to register yourself at the reception counter there, and pay RS200(RM20) for the doctor's consultancy fees. Next, wait for your turn to be called into the doctor's room. After examined, take the card with your illness descriptions and the medicine description to another counter to get your medicine. There, take your medicine and pay for the medicine.

Well, the medicine are rather cheap here. I was assigned 3 day's medincine. One for antibiotic, one for sorethroat, one for flu, and another one for cough. This all cost me only RS110(RM11).

Lastly, bring everything back home with you, including the examination card. So next time, make sure you bring along the examination card with you.

Dream about Mama

[ 梦见妈妈 ]

Can't really sleep well recently, ever since I'm here in India. Probably without his hug at night, or the sense of security been lost, or hm.. it's his smell that i lost?

And it's getting worse this two days, when I'm badly cough. Used to wake up in the middle of the night just to cough.

I thought it was due to the coolness of the room, I didn't on the heater. So, I purposely on the heater before I sleep yesterday. But still, I come awake. And, I even dream about mama. May be I miss her too much now.

It's been a very very long time since my last dream about mama. When I saw her yesterday, I was really happy. Mama never forget about me, she came to me. =)

Mama been so spoiled me all the while. When I was at secondary, we are the two who been left home all the time. Untill I came to KL to further my study only we apart.

Mama caught lots of illness during her young age. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.. Almost everything.

Soon later after I grad, mama went to stay with my brother in Singapore. Well, the medical consultation there is much better compared to Malaysia, and they provide better services too. I personally believed it is a good idea for her to stay there, to get better cares.

Unfortunately, she didn't manage to get over it. She gone in April, 2005.

I had never dream about her since she gone, just heard from sister that they dream about her once a while. Then I was thinking, how come mama never come to me? Has she forgotten me? Has she ignored me? I was really upset about it though.

Anyway.. Mama I hope you are well wherever you are. Atleast, you are free of the illness now, don't have to go thru all the suffering stage now. If there is really reincarnation, I hope you already went into it, and starting a new life now. Wherever you are, whatever you are, I do hope you leads a better life.