Ipoh + Penang 3 Days Trip

Hehe.. Do not get fooled by the picture. I can't ride a horse at all. This picture taken while the guy who trained the horsey just let go, leave the two of us. He is, however, standby beside though. I was really scared when the horsey started to ran, felt like I might just fall down the next minute.. Anyway, it's a very very good and enjoying experience.

Took 3 days off for a short break to Ipoh and Penang, leaving the irritating town area all behind. Just wanted to give my ears some precious peaceful moments, and to refresh my mind and soul. You know, people say "Rest, is to refresh own self so to continue walking". Indeed, it is so true. When you are too tired and exhausted, try to slow down and take a break. You will find yourself being recharged, then you may continue the journey with full energy.

Anyway, what's famous in Ipoh and Penang? Well, ofcourse are the food! So what did I do in my trip? Eat, sleep, relax, eat again, sleep again, relax again.. Totally awsome!!

Wahaha.. It's just one word to describe.. "SHIOK"!