Bangkok9 @ Food Factory

[ Bangkok9 @ Food Factory ]

It's just another groceries shopping day. And we are going to have our usual Bangkok 9 again. The only different is that I ordered another dish this time, no more Phad Thai.

(Left) The 3 chili sauces served by Bangkok 9.
(Right) Seafood Tomyam Soup. It taste stronger than the vege's.

(Left) Pineapple fried rice with cashew nuts. Too less cashew nut, can barely see one or two nuts. The taste? So-so.
(Right) Fried rice nam prik plao, fried rice with thai chili sauce. Hm.. It taste different from what I can remembered. Doesn't taste as good as it supposed to be?

(Left) Fried noodle.
(Right) This is from another stall, fried rice with chilly chicken.