Wendy's @ IOI Mall

Last Sunday I wake up early, to IOI Mall for some groceries shoppe. Iron board, mop, are the items in the list. And, so I came a bit early for my brunch of the day. 

Wendy's, right in the west wing of IOI Mall, Puchong. To get there, you may take the entrance of Kenny Roger's, then turn left, pass by the Esquire Kitchen on your right, then you shall be able to see Wendy's at your left.

Cozy house-like feel

My Beef Burger Set

A cup of Coke, A bag of French Fries, and A Beef Burger
Coke, doesn't taste like coke at all. Told the waiter to change, but they said this is how it should taste. Gosh
French Fries, eatable when it's hot. I would prefer Mc's though
Beef Burger, the meat was cut into square size, taste so-so, nothing special