To Love . Be Loved

[ 爱人.被爱 ]

To Love
You will do just anything for him/her
You will change yourself just to please him/her
You will be very happy for the tiny little thing you have done for him/her

Whatever he/she said, is like a command to you
When he/she says left, you wouldn't say right
When he/she says yes, you wouldn't say no

Every little acts he/she did, causing your mood swing
One hug, would make you feel so warm and sweet like you are holding the whole world in your arms
One annoyed sight, would make you feel so terrible like you been abandoned by the whole world

You will think of all possible ways to make him/her happy
You will do your very best just to make him/her stay
All this, just because you loves him/her more than him/her do/does

If, there is this day
He/she get moved by you
Congratulations, you are lucky
The story of you and him/her started the day

If, there is this day
You gets tired
Congratulations, you are lucky too
It's time to buck up and starts a new life, without him/her


Be Loved
The character been switched, the one to be pleased, is YOU
It's his/her pleasure, to be able to do a tiny little thing for you

Whatever you said, is the command to him/her
When you say left, he/she dare not say right
When you say yes, he/she dare not say no

Every little act by you, affecting his/her emotion
A hug from you, made him/her so happy
An annoyed sight, made him/her so sad

He/she will try his/her very best, just to add some marks to the shadow in your eyes
He/she will do anything at all, just to make you stay
It's all be cause he/she loves you more than you do

If, there is this day
You get moved by him/her
Well then, you are lucky
To have someone that loves you whole heartedly

If, there is this day
He/she gets tired
Well then, you are unlucky
To lost someone that loves you and cares you as much as he/she did


To Love, or Be Loved
Which one do you think can bring you the happiness?