Beethoven @ 1992

Do you ever wonder why a lady like me, would love to rare a huge dog as baby? Well, here I'll tell you why.

When I was little, I watched this movie "Beethoven" from the television. There is a huge furry monster in the movie, with big head, big body, big mouth that always drooling, and always show you his sunny silly eyes. I was like, OMG, what in Earth is this huge monster? But indeed, he gave a lots of joys and happy to the family. He is just so adorable!

So, from the very first sight I saw him, I've fall for him. And there was where I decided to have one when I am allowed to. Four years back, I have my baby, a birthday present from him. Although we are staying in the Condominium, but we still have her sneaked in and stays there illegally. Haha..

Well, have you ever watched this movie? It's ok if you haven't. I've just found it from the Youtube, and I've paste it here. The very first "Beethoven" series starts from here. Enjoy the show~

Hm.. Will you be as heart-touching as I am then? Well, let's see..