The Mc Delivery

Wanted to write about this quite some times ago.

If you remember, I was OT last 2 weeks. My company actually does provide us meal allowance, for those who worked after 2000. So usually we will order delivery like Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, McDonald..

The other day, we were OT again. Hungry but there are works to be done, so we decided to order delivery. After some discussion, some "war" to be precise, we finally agreed to order McDonald. So my colleague give them a call. That was 2015. The line was busy, so we tried again till someone finally picked up.

The operator actually told us there are really busy over the counter, nobody is free for the delivery. And, he asked us to call back again at 2100.

My my... What the heck is this. This is really the very first time I ever encountered this kind of situation. The delivery counter tell us that they are so busy serving the customer at counter?

Then, not too long from this incident, I think it happened within one week time. We had to OT again, so, we wanted to order delivery again. This time, McDonald, again. The good news is, yes, we managed to get our order taken. So we waited patiently for our dinner to be delivered.

Half an hour passed, there wasn't any shadow of the great McDelivery man! So we give them a call. And guess what, the operator told us they are very busy at the counter, serving customer there. There wasn't people free for delivery, again. Shit, what kind of service is this? Don't they ever thought of give us a call that they will have to delay our delivery, instead of let us wait here bluntly? Imagine if we never called up, how much longer we have to wait?

I was really surprise that they are so well known of delivery. And yet, they keep promoting their delivery service. But what's the point if they can't serve delivery after all? Shouldn't there be any special department just to serve delivery? If the customers at the counter there never end, so the delivery will be never available huh? What the heck is this?

Do they actually have any specific department to handle delivery? Or the delivery is just a sub to them, that if and only if there are less people at counter, then only they can serve delivery?

Inside Man

Watched this movie the other day at ASTRO. A show the really makes you cracked your brain. Its also a show that grabbed many awards.

Actually, still a bit blur after the show, that I have to nag daddy to explain more to me.

The case actually happened. There are hostages, and on of the hostage been killed. The police officers did talk to the robbers. The robbers requested a plane, a bus so they can get away from the bank. So and so.. But why there aren't suspects when its over? Why there aren't losses when its over? Who actually tell the robbers about the big secret?

It's a very interesting movie, strongly recommended.

~~ ** ~~

Synopsis (from
It all starts out simply enough: four people dressed in painters’ outfits march into the busy lobby of Manhattan Trust, a cornerstone Wall Street branch of a worldwide financial institution.

Within seconds, the costumed robbers place the bank under a surgically planned siege, and the 50 patrons and staff become unwitting pawns in an airtight heist.

NYPD hostage negotiators Detectives Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington) and Bill Mitchell are dispatched to the scene with orders to establish contact with the heist’s ringleader, Dalton Russell (Clive Owen), and ensure safe release of the hostages.

Working alongside Emergency Services Unit (ESU) Captain John Darius (Willem Dafoe), all are hopeful that the situation can be peacefully diffused and that control of the bank and release of those inside can be secured in short order. But things don’t progress as planned.

Inside, Russell proves an unexpectedly canny opponent—clever, calm and totally in command—a puppet master with a meticulous plan to disorient and confuse not only the hostages, but also the authorities.

Outside, the crowd of New Yorkers grows as the situation becomes increasingly tense, with Frazier’s superiors becoming more concerned about his ability to keep the standoff from spiraling out of control.

The robbers appear to consistently be one step ahead of the police, outwitting Frazier and Mitchell at every turn. Frazier’s suspicions that more is at work than anyone perceives are justified with the entry of Madeline White (Jodie Foster), a power player with shadowy objectives, who requests a private meeting with Russell.

The chairman of the bank’s board of directors, controlling entrepreneur Arthur Case (Christopher Plummer), is also uniquely interested in the moment-to-moment happenings inside the branch.

"One Day Five Meals"

If you switch on the ASTRO every Sunday, at 2200, you will find the famous DJ/host Ms Angel Wong Chui Ling, hosting a food programme, "One Day Five Meals". I heard about this show quite sometime, been watching the introduction. Finally, I watched it, last Sunday.

The show actually show us how to spend RM50 a day for 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper) around Klang Valley. Well, to me I think RM50 is quite a sum.

Too bad, I missed the front part.

Forgot where is the restaurant or place she had lunch at. It's a place selling Chicken Kuey-Teow Soup, with shrimp wan-ton. She said the kuey-teow is smooth and the soup is tasty, the shrimp wan-ton made from lots of shrimps. And the meal cost RM7.00.
I was like, huh? So expensive?

A dessert shop in Pudu's Food Street. The shop selling many sorts of dessert, in Cantonese we call it "Tong Sui'. She ordered 2, egg tea, and stewed egg. The stewed egg looks tasty. This cost RM1.50 each.

Restaurant PJ Baru, this restaurant serves all sorts of seafood, but what she ordered has nothing to do with seafood.
This time, she had it with Vivian, another famous DJ from MyFM. They ordered 3 dishes, claypot toufu, fried gold-melon, and one more I forgot what's the dish.
Dinner cost RM32, which to my personal opinion, it's really expensive, there isn't any seafood remember, just kind of vege..

A food stall somewhere in PJ SS2. The stall specialized on all sorts of "kuih", mainly Teochew types. Frankly, the kuih looks so yummy, haha. They also sell asam laksa, and fried teow-chew mee.
Not sure the actual location of the stall, but according to her, after you turned into SS2, opposite to Maybank, the stall that most people crowed for is the one.
The kuih price reasonable, RM0.60 per piece.

If you ask me, I will say it's actually nothing much in the show. The food been introduced are quite expensive though. RM50, can actually eat something else much better?