My Black Horse

[ 黑马 ]

20th April 2008, is definitely a day to remember. Because, I get to drive, again. Although it's not a very luxury car, just something used as a transport. But, well, it's makes my life more easy, especially when you are in KL. So now I don't have to worry that I might trouble someone to fetch me, I can just go anywhere, anytime as I like!

Oh, and there is another good news, well it's a good news to me I suppose. I got 2.5% for the interest rate, loaned 5 years. It's right before the government announced that imported car loan to be increased. Phew... It's one percent for god sake..

OK, so now let's talk about my black horse. Hm, been waited for three months full to get him. The agent told me this is because it's black, and it's rare. So no choice, but to wait. (I thought we are having economic crisis now, how come there are so many people buying new cars still?)

But anyway, this agent is really nice, he explained very well to me, and he gave me lot of stuff.
  • RM1000 rebate
  • 3 key chains
  • a truffle
  • a T-shirt
  • a super big umbrella
So, just exactly what car I've got? He came from oversea, he is handsome (look alike the Transformer), he has got sterling wheel control and paddle shirt so you don't have to move your body to the audio panel to change channel or volume, he has got under seat tray to put your shoes and umbrella, he has got advanced audio with USB port and AUX, and he has got a huge luggage compartment that you can even stuck in a big luggage with human body!