Today's Meal @ 20080327

  • Kadai Curry Chicken, curry isn't spicy, taste not bad at all
  • Cucumber + Tomatoes
  • Curry vegetables, the curry taste a little sour, I don't like it
  • Curry Potatoes with Vege
  • Crunchy Fried Biscuit
  • Steamed rice
Didn't take tea-time today, I mean the snack. It's something like fried bread, which is extremely oily. So, no photo for today's snacks..

P/S: To ease the reading of the dishes, I will write the dish name clockwise.


[ 无聊啊 ? ]

Well, do you feel boring to see me writing all this meal posts? It'd be most probably the one who wrote it is the one bored. Haha..

No choice, didn't get to anywhere during this trip so far. Got nothing much to do here, basically everyday after work back home what I did is to be a, hm.. thief? Oops, so sorry.. Anyway, so you may found most of my posts are food related, or movies review related, or songs review related. Of course, sometimes we did went to groceries store nearby. But that's it, nowhere else. And, the next day wake up, it's work time.

Day by day.. repeat the same old thing.. Extremely bored.. What to do? You just can't do much here, even if you have lots of money. Well, I don't mean I have lots of money, just you do not have any place to spend money on. Don't get me wrong ok..

You ask, what am I doing here during weekend? Well, the answer is still the same. Sleep till 12pm, wake up and make myself some food to fill my stomach, then get online surf net, check out people's blogs, find new movies, watch movies.. And, don't be surprise, it's my weekend.

You ask, why don't I go out for a walk? Well, it's really warm out there, the sun is like burning. I already get so dark that I think baby can't recognize me.. I, am already a super duper ugly women!! HOW HOW HOW???

Some more, the transportation here is really inconvenient. If we have to go out, we have to take the rickshaw, and most probably have a fight with the rickshaw-man for the fares. Or, we can take the auto-cab, but it would takes up the least half an hour to just wait for it. And, sometimes they just tell you there is NO CAB. Besides, the malls here are just so lousy, worse than Sg. Wang, it made more bored. Better just stay at home..

So, what you think I can do here? Where can I find some inspiration for my blogs? Can't even see people here though..

It's really pathetic..