PapaRich Kopitiam @ Damansara Uptown

Took half day off yesterday for some personal matter. Then went to look for daddy for lunch in PJ. We actually had PapaRich Kopitiam last week back, but didn't managed to take the photos. The food and the ambiance here are both good, so we decided to come back here again for the day lunch.

Decorated in dark grey color, and some green plants in the shop, PapaRich managed to create a relax environment for its customers. Oh not to left out the sign of the an old man (I do think he look alike uncle fried chicken though..) holding a cup of coffee hanging on the wall..

The tasty fried Kuey-Teow, penang style, taste just great!

Black-pepper chicken rice, taste so-so, nothing special though.

Steamed Papa roti, with butter and kaya inside. Good!

Last but not least, the ABC Iced Kacang.
This is so much better than many of the roadside stall, good small of brown sugar but not too sweet.