I've Got Date With Kat

(left) Buffalo's Wings
(right) Free refillable Toscada Chips

Kat was here for some training, so it gave us a very good chance to meetup and have a chat. But the thing is she will only be here for 1 week, and her plan was so full that I can hardly squeezed myself into a little slot. So we decided to meetup at somewhere near to the hotel she is staying. And, here goes we are to the Chili's, at Mid Valley.

Had a wonderful night with her, updated our life recently... Then we eventually talk like non stop till the restaurant is closing, asking for last order from us. Haha.. Oh I missed her very much. And I missed J and MY too. Too bad MY can't make it for this round...

Anyway, was hoping the perhaps the next round we going to meet is in Australia! Together with J, and her baby ! Hahaha... what a wonderful dream ~