7 days to go

[ 还有7天 ]

Today is Monday. I am leaving in another 6 days time.

Time really flies. It was like I have so much time before. Now, this Sunday is the date.

I have so many things to buy yet, I have so many things to prepare yet.

Although I am leaving for only 2 months, well, it's said that we may have to go again for second trip. But, hell, we are definitely back after 2 months!

Hey, I started to feel the uncertainty, worries, the sadness.. Gosh, I am definitely going to miss everything here. Well, ok, I started to miss it already.

I miss my lovely baby, hm.. Will she ever miss me at all? Will she forgot me later?

And, I miss daddy.. Will he ever miss me at all too? What will happened to us after two months?

Genting International Magic Festival

[ 云顶国际魔术节 ]

Went to Genting with daddy last weekend, for the Genting International Magic Festival. Daddy got some free tickets for the shows. One for the Tournament Shows, and one for the Championship Shows.

What is MAGIC to you?
Some kind of tricks?
Something that we can't recognize easily?
Something that we can't do it?
Or is it just some kind of show?

The Magic Tournament Show, this to me was rather boring. There are total of 6 contesters, from all over the world. The tricks they presented were more or less the same. What does matter is the way they present it, and the expression on their face.

Well, one thing to mention, this pair of couple, Les Arnold & Dazzle really caught my attention. If you have noticed, the beautiful assistant was a real fun. Her exaggerated dance step, and expression made people laugh and laugh. I just love her!

The Championship Shows, magicians from all over the world were gathered here to present their best tricks. Frankly, this is far more interesting than the tournament shows. Well, they are the champion, aren't they?

So, this is the stage for the show, in Arena of the Stars, Genting.

If you ever noticed from Youtube, there is a very hot picks video, of this couple, David&Dania. They are well-known of their clothes-changing tricks. My goodness, I really don't know how they did this. (Well, of course, if I ever know, I'll become the magician, haha.. ) As you may see, they managed to change the clothes, within 2 seconds time. Super!

And, this couple from Mexico, Ayala&Tanya, who managed to make a race car to be appeared in the middle of the stage, within that 2 seconds as well!

Ed Alonso, from Hollywood. When I look at his performance, I was like looking at Charlie Chaplin. You know, the very funny guy, who used to appear in the black and white show? It's only that Alonso, has got no mostage on his face. Such a funny guy..

Jeff McBride, from Las Vegas. This mister, I don't think he was presenting magic tricks, rather, just some ordinary show. All he did was playing around with the masks. I can even see the way he change the masks.. The last trick he present was to throw the poker cards, far far away to the audience. Hm.. Well, I heard the cards are too light that it's really difficult to throw far.. So ok, this is a trick.

Oh I even saw the very very famous Yellow-Man from DiGi!! Haha.. Probably they came to promote DiGi's service, they are one of the sponsors for the shows. Believed me, they are so cute and adorable, though their tummy is real huge! I wanted to take photos with them, but too bad I can't locate them at the end of the show.. =(

The only thing I find it's funny was the dance. Initially I thought it's just the opening dance. But then they keep coming up performing dance. Whenever a magicians finished his round, they will dance. For god sake, the dance takes about 5 mins, sometimes longer. It could be just irritating ok.

One thing I am not happy with was that I can't take picture during the show. It is said not allow to. But, hey, I was not trying to record it, and I didn't use flash? And the organizer only mentioned we can't do this two? Such a sorry..

p/s: The photos of magicians, all grabbed from Genting's website.


[ 吵架 ]

Why are people arguing?
Was it to express our thinking?
Or was it to force others to accept our thinking?

Was it a way to communicate?
Or was it the sign that a relationship have problem?

Was it just for fun?
Or was it a torturing?

Was it improving our relationship?
Or was it hurting our relationship?

And, what do we get from argument?
So the other party will understand us more?
Or the other party will hate us more?

So our life became exciting?
Or even bore?

So our relationship will march a big step?
Or it's the end?