OT on Saturday

Went back at 2200+ last night, only then I get to have my dinner, or supper?

Was thinking to order the McDelivery with colleagues for our dinner, it was 2030. But when we call up, the operator said "Sorry, there are many customer at the counter. Please call back later at 2100." We were like, "Huh? Like that also can?"

Just forget about the McDelivery. By the time it delivered, will be 2200 or later. We are all dead meat then. =(

So end up, we didn't make any other order, didn't eat anything. Just shouting "Hungry, hungry, hungry...." while our hands keep typing the keyboard, hoping to finish the work and go back home.

Still, didn't manage to finish my work, that I am here today, updating my blog in office.

Oh yes, I'm sneaking.. Hahaha..