Jade Garden Restaurant @ Jalan Tong Shin

Went to this Herbal Soup restaurant with friends last Friday. Heard of its famous of nourishment , as recommended by Ah-Xian.com(女汤男煲 四不卖 (Medicine Soup)), we decided to give it a try.

As you all know, it's somehow difficult for a busy citizen to make themselves soup, not to mention a herbal soup that required hours of cooking. This, is really an ideal place for us to have a sip of nourishment.

大補汤(The nourish herbal soup), RM13.30.
This is good for week body, ad its good for both ladies, and gentlemen.
The ingredients are combination of more than 10 types of Chinese traditional herbs, stewed with the black chicken for 15 hours.

滋补宁神汤(The ), RM9.50.
Using up to 6 types of Chinese Traditional Herbals, stewed with quail.

肉扒(Pork chop), RM12.00.
Yummy delicious! The creamy sauce with a little taste of wine definitely enlighten the pork.

虾煎蛋(Fried egg with shrimp), RM8.00.
This one tasted rather ordinary, normal fried egg.

芋头扣肉(Pork stewed with yam), RM15.00.
Hm, this is another ordinary dish, I would prefer the one from Hakka Restaurant.

清炒菜胆(Stir fried vege), RM8.00.
The vege was very fresh, taste good.

As you can see, there is ah-xian poster in the restaurant.