the benefits of owning a dog

拥狗乐 ]

This has really touched my heart!

Just to share with all of your, my friends ~

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My Ball Ball...

My two little princess and prince been having small war nowadays, over a ball.

Usually the prince having control on all the toys, while the princess will only play when she is in real good mood. But when the princess trying to take the toy, the prince will then get angry and faster grab back his toy. And then, the two will hold the toy tight, and don't want to let go.

And, usually, the princess is always the one who lost the war. She will let go first, probably caused of her age, that she is lack of energy, I mean her teeth.

Anyway... Today, unexpectedly, the princess has got the ball hold very tightly that the prince actually gave up first! Hahaha...

buddy: the ball ball is mine, give it back to me!
baby: no! I saw it first, it's mine!

buddy: no! it's mine!
baby: no! it's mine!

baby: wuuwu......
buddy: wuuwu......

buddy: give me my ball ball... wuwuu...

baby: yay! I got it!

buddy: I want..
baby: wuu...

baby: hm.....

baby: hm hmmm....

baby: nothing special also.. not fun.. pit!
buddy: ????

A great Sunday

A great Sunday morning, starts with a great breakfast.

A cheesy egg banjo, served with a cup of soothing black coffee from Ikea 
(well, the coffee powder is from Ikea, very worth deal though
RM 9.90 for 250gm)

And then...

Following by a great mood the whole day ~

It's time to sleep

睡觉啦 ]

Okay, this is taken while we all asleep. 

P/S: Please ignore the messy rubbish at the side.

The journey has begun

(picture taken from the Internet)

The almanac, says that today is a suitable day for house renovation.

Yesterday went to pay the deposit for my house renovation, and request the sifu to start work Today. Just a simple knock here or there will do. Well, we didn't do much though, just to extend the kitchen, and to install some wall units. Basically that's it.

But what I can foresee is that the flowing of the papers, which we call $$$, will be like water... Friends all say that the final amount for it is actually atleast double of the amount of your budget. Hm...

Anyway, after one year plus getting the keys, finally, the journey has begun! Let's hope everything go smoothly and problem-less-ly...