Family? Housemates?

Saw this family yesterday when I went for dinner. Somehow, I do feel pathetic for them.

At the very beginning, they were having their dinner individually. I mean just eat, no talking. The father first finished his meal, and take out a newspaper to read. Then, the son finished his meal, and take out a PS2 and play on. Thirdly, the daughter finished her meal, and take our her phone, and starts SMS.The last person, the mother, is trying hard to finish the left-over on the table.

This, makes me wonder if this will be the future when I have my own family? There isn't any communication at all when a family is having dinner together. You eat yours while I eat mine. When everyone's full just leave the table.

God.. Is this still consider a family? I would say they are just a group of people that staying under one roof, more like a housemates! But then, perhaps, housemates have more communication?!