Fire Drill

There was a fire drill practice at the building I am working. It started at 1000, and end at 1100.

Well, my office is at 18th floor, so we are suppose to walk down to ground floor. 18th floor.. My god, my legs must be cramped when I reached the ground. So, the smart Regine decided to take the lift 5 minutes before the fire drill. Hehe...

Hm.. But on second thought, if there is really something happen, I wouldn't know where to go for evacuation. =|

Pet Nutrition Talk

[ Pet Nutrition Talk ]

Pet Nutrition Talk by Jill Cline
Venue : Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya
Date : December 3 or December 04, 2007
Time : 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Organizer : Purina PetCare

For details, please check out Pet Talk

My teeth is killing me

[ 牙痛 ]
Am having toothache this 2 days, the part where the wisdom teeth is, right side.

My my.. Must be the same old thing again.. The wisdom teeth is trying very hard to grow up up in the sky..

It's really pain ok.. Can even feel the swollen of that part... Made me no mood at all..

Sigh.. What should I do? What can I do?

The Game Plan

[ The Game Plan ]

A very cute little girl and a giant man, made a very interesting couple. You will see the greatness of a father in this movie, how he compromised himself for his little daughter.

p/s: the bull dog in the movie is really adorable!

~~ ** ~~

Synopsis (from
“The Game Plan” is the story of superstar quarterback Joe Kingman (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), whose Boston-based team is chasing a championship. A ’serial bachelor’, Kingman is living the ultimate fantasy: he’s rich, famous and is the life of the party. But this dream suddenly ends when he meets the seven-year-old daughter (newcomer Madison Pettis) he never knew he had - the product of a last fling before parting years ago with his young wife. Now, during the most important time in his career, he must figure out how to juggle his parties, practices and dates with ballet classes, bedtime stories and dolls that come with his daughter. Equally perplexed is his agent, Stella (Kyra Sedgwick) who is without a parental bone in her body. Joe discovers that there’s more to life than money and fame…

7 days to go

[ 还有7天 ]

Today is Monday. I am leaving in another 6 days time.

Time really flies. It was like I have so much time before. Now, this Sunday is the date.

I have so many things to buy yet, I have so many things to prepare yet.

Although I am leaving for only 2 months, well, it's said that we may have to go again for second trip. But, hell, we are definitely back after 2 months!

Hey, I started to feel the uncertainty, worries, the sadness.. Gosh, I am definitely going to miss everything here. Well, ok, I started to miss it already.

I miss my lovely baby, hm.. Will she ever miss me at all? Will she forgot me later?

And, I miss daddy.. Will he ever miss me at all too? What will happened to us after two months?

Genting International Magic Festival

[ 云顶国际魔术节 ]

Went to Genting with daddy last weekend, for the Genting International Magic Festival. Daddy got some free tickets for the shows. One for the Tournament Shows, and one for the Championship Shows.

What is MAGIC to you?
Some kind of tricks?
Something that we can't recognize easily?
Something that we can't do it?
Or is it just some kind of show?

The Magic Tournament Show, this to me was rather boring. There are total of 6 contesters, from all over the world. The tricks they presented were more or less the same. What does matter is the way they present it, and the expression on their face.

Well, one thing to mention, this pair of couple, Les Arnold & Dazzle really caught my attention. If you have noticed, the beautiful assistant was a real fun. Her exaggerated dance step, and expression made people laugh and laugh. I just love her!

The Championship Shows, magicians from all over the world were gathered here to present their best tricks. Frankly, this is far more interesting than the tournament shows. Well, they are the champion, aren't they?

So, this is the stage for the show, in Arena of the Stars, Genting.

If you ever noticed from Youtube, there is a very hot picks video, of this couple, David&Dania. They are well-known of their clothes-changing tricks. My goodness, I really don't know how they did this. (Well, of course, if I ever know, I'll become the magician, haha.. ) As you may see, they managed to change the clothes, within 2 seconds time. Super!

And, this couple from Mexico, Ayala&Tanya, who managed to make a race car to be appeared in the middle of the stage, within that 2 seconds as well!

Ed Alonso, from Hollywood. When I look at his performance, I was like looking at Charlie Chaplin. You know, the very funny guy, who used to appear in the black and white show? It's only that Alonso, has got no mostage on his face. Such a funny guy..

Jeff McBride, from Las Vegas. This mister, I don't think he was presenting magic tricks, rather, just some ordinary show. All he did was playing around with the masks. I can even see the way he change the masks.. The last trick he present was to throw the poker cards, far far away to the audience. Hm.. Well, I heard the cards are too light that it's really difficult to throw far.. So ok, this is a trick.

Oh I even saw the very very famous Yellow-Man from DiGi!! Haha.. Probably they came to promote DiGi's service, they are one of the sponsors for the shows. Believed me, they are so cute and adorable, though their tummy is real huge! I wanted to take photos with them, but too bad I can't locate them at the end of the show.. =(

The only thing I find it's funny was the dance. Initially I thought it's just the opening dance. But then they keep coming up performing dance. Whenever a magicians finished his round, they will dance. For god sake, the dance takes about 5 mins, sometimes longer. It could be just irritating ok.

One thing I am not happy with was that I can't take picture during the show. It is said not allow to. But, hey, I was not trying to record it, and I didn't use flash? And the organizer only mentioned we can't do this two? Such a sorry..

p/s: The photos of magicians, all grabbed from Genting's website.


[ 吵架 ]

Why are people arguing?
Was it to express our thinking?
Or was it to force others to accept our thinking?

Was it a way to communicate?
Or was it the sign that a relationship have problem?

Was it just for fun?
Or was it a torturing?

Was it improving our relationship?
Or was it hurting our relationship?

And, what do we get from argument?
So the other party will understand us more?
Or the other party will hate us more?

So our life became exciting?
Or even bore?

So our relationship will march a big step?
Or it's the end?


[ 青花瓷 ]

This is the second song I like from Jay's latest album. It's a little bit alike Jay's another song, <千里之外>. Both are wrapped with very thick Old China

Really amazed for 方文山, the one who wrote the lyrics, who could produce such beautiful lyrics. Also amazed for Jay, who wrote such beautiful rhythm. This is much more better than those pop songs we used to listen from the radio nowadays. Well, at least I do think so, it's more to my favorite.

Work hard guys! Looking forward to your new production soon~

~~ ** ~~


宣纸上 走笔至此搁一半

你的美一缕飘散 去到我去不了的地方

天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里
就当我 为遇见你伏笔

天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
月色被打捞起 晕开了结局
如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽 你眼带笑意

极细腻 犹如绣花针落地
帘外芭蕉惹骤雨 门环惹铜绿
在泼墨山水画里 你从墨色深处被隐去

天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里
就当我 为遇见你伏笔

天青色等烟雨 而我在等你
月色被打捞起 晕开了结局
如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽 你眼带笑意

Lovely Pancake

[ 爱心班戢 ]
Been bugging daddy for making me pancake. Today, finally, daddy made me pancake for breakfast!

I think daddy wake up really early to prepare this. The moment I wake up, I already smell the nice pancake, which made me totally awake. Daddy even reheat the TomYam soup leftover yesterday, with all the meatballs in it, as my lunch. I really appreciate it. =)

Sweet sweet pancake with honey topping

Daddy been in and out the kitchen, preparing me nice food. Probably he pitty me for have to suffer in The Incredible India for two months (Gosh!). If I ever tell you I'm not touched, and feel nothing about it, well, I am lying.

It's the thought and the action that filled my hearts with warms.

Thanks daddy! I am getting unbearable to leave you now.. =(

Self Made Tom Yam Steamboat

[ 自制东炎火锅 ]

made us Tom Yam Steamboat last Sunday. Hehe.. It tasted fantastic! Much more better than what we had in Sunway last 2 weeks. =D

(L) The stove from kitchen.
(R) The delicious Tom Yam Soup with some mushroom. Bet you can see the chilis huh?

(L) The bowl for the soup, spoon and chopsticks
(R) Chili sauce we bought from a supermarket, taste real bad. =(

Chicken meat balls + crab sticks + some don't-know-what meatballs

(L) Chicken cubes + beef cubes + "fu-juk"
(R) The yummy Tom Yam with all ingredients

A MUST-HAVE for hot and spicy tomyam, the kiddo favourite, well actually my kiddo's favourite, the KIKAPOO!

The Tom Yam soup was fantastic! Sour, hot and spicy, with very thick tomyam taste.

Chicken cubes were so tender, but the beef cubes was bad. Too big, and I think the quality isn't good enough.

Other ingredients like the meatballs and so, are so-so. Oh but the "fu-juk" taste great!

Hehe.. I was really flattered with the steamboat last Sunday!!! =D


[ 淘气过生活 ]

Was boring yesterday that I keep changing channel on ASTRO, looking for something interesting. Then I found this, <淘气过生活>, a programme by TaoZi. Didn't manage to watch much, when I found it, it's almost in the end.

The interesting part is she invited friends from different countries, who is currently staying in Taiwan to talk about their experiences on travel. I always wanted to take a walk out from my own country, to the places I have never been to before, to open my sight, to experience something different..

So, a Taiwanese girl said she spend TWD60k to watch the famous North Star. This, you will have to be very stubborn. According to her, most of the public toilet you have to pay money to get in. So, to reduce the amount they spend on toilet, they have to pretend to be a kid, so they can follow those who paid to get in. Once the gate is opened, quickly follow them. If, they got scolded, just pretend to be a Korean, so to not ruin their original country good name.

The other Taiwanese guy said he spend TWD10k to New Zealand, applied for working holiday visa. TWD20k for the air fares, TWD20k for a second hand laptop he bought to used there, and TWD60k cash. He worked there, had fun there, he even bought a second hand four wheel drive there. After 3 months, he managed to go back Taiwan with TWD80k. Working Holiday.. A very good idea, but too bad, there are restriction that you need to be in the age range of 18-31. =(

There is a Korean guy said they used to get themselves a local friend before they goto any country. Then they may be able to stay at their house, to cut off accommodation fees. So what if the friend not willing, and shut the door? Well, just sleep in front of the main entrance till he would!

A French girl said she came across something called 'Sofa Club' from the Internet. You just have to registered yourself as member, and take a photo of your house's sofa and post it there. Search for the country you would like to visit, and pick a sofa! The owner will borrow you the sofa, and some shower utilities. Likewise, whoever likes your sofa, you will have to borrow it out too. I personally find this very interesting, and fun. But, for ladies, this is rather dangerous.

Hm.. How I wish I was young again...


[ 打针记 ]

Finally I went for the injection today during lunch. =Þ The Typhoid and Hepatitis A antibody, cost me Rm165 in total. Luckily I can claim it back from my company, otherwise, there goes my hard earned money..

Typhoid, this is a-MUST. India is well-known of its food and environmental hygiene problem.

Hepatitis A, this is a-MUST too. Just in case I take in something I shouldn't be.

Anyway, It's always good to prevent. Although, the typhoid antibody injection is really pain.. =(

My eye got infected

[ 灵魂之窗污染啦 ]
My eyes got infected. =(

Was feeling itchy the day before yesterday, like something stuck on the eye ball. Then, been scratching it with my hands, trying to remove the thing, but to it fail.

Yesterday morning when I wake up, my eyes turned red and swollen, and itchy still. Basically, half of my eye managed to open, the other half trying very hard to do the same. The next minute I know, get caught to the clinic.

Doctor said my beautiful eyes got infected, by virus. I was a little surprise and I even asked the doctor how come I don't see any bloodlines on my eye ball? And guess what the doctor answer.. "Its on the way.. " My goodness, the doctor actually have sense of humor huh?

Doctor said I have to stop eating chili, and anything hot and spicy. And, I can never use my hands to touch my eyes. And, always use a new piece of tissue paper to wrap out the extra eye-drops.

The eye-drops made me so awful, it taste really bitter.. Every time I felt it at my throat there, I will actually shiver. Gosh.. Let's pray for my infection get recovered A.S.A.P!!

16 Day

[ 16 天 ]

So, I have about 16 days to be in Malaysia, before I left to the Incredible India.

Hm.. Seems like there are lots of things I have to prepare, but in fact, I haven't do a thing.

It will be winter season during November till December in India. Though there will be no snowing, but the weather could be quite cold, the temperature will be 10-17 celcius day time, and down to 5-10 at night. So, my existing jacket will not be useful there, indoor perhaps. Got to get myself some winter wear then.

The environment, the hygiene isn't good there, so it's better to take some antibody injection. Well, colleagues already took the injections, but I'm still dragging it.. Haha..

The food isn't quite same taste as here, most probably we aren't used with it. So, it's better to bring our own food. Canned food, instant noodles, some dried food, and etc..

The medicine... This is very important. According to the colleagues who been there, this is a must-have item! Mainly because we aren't familiar with the instructions, or the kind of mecidine there. Plus, will definitely need it for diarrhea, and skin's problem. 9 out of 10 of them got the deceases. =(

Hm.. There are something else, but I can't remember.. Haha..

Well, I shall go there to earn some bucks. In fact, I spend lots before departure.. What a joke..

Goodbye MSN

[ MSN 再见了 ]

Recently my company implementing some new rules. All messenger, except Skype, are not allowed at work.

Poor Regine.. It is my very very very motivation at work. Whenever I feel sleepy, or bored, I will message my friends, and chat a while, exchanging our precious information, and so to show our concerns. Now? it's all gone.. All to be history.

Well, the good news is the network connection at our India office aren't stable enough, so Yahoo! messenger will be remained, till further notice. Hm.. Just don't know when will it be blocked one day?

No choice, probably the management want us to be hard working and focus on our works. It's just that I'm not used to the days without messenger, like I've will be dropped off in the jungle or what..

Bore, is the only word I can think of...

Zhong Qing Steamboat, Sunway

[ 重庆麻辣火锅 ]

Went for steamboat with daddy yesterday, he saw a fryer saying there is steamboat promotion at Bandar Sunway. RM17+/pax, eat all you can type, and drinks are included.

But too bad he forgot the name of the shop, so we just take a round see if we can find a banner or something there, since it's promotion.

Then, we found this shop, Zhong Qing Steamboat. RM19.80/pax, drinks are included too.

We ordered 2 types of soup, the Chinese Herbal, and SzeChuan Hot and Spicy. Was thinking to order TomYam, but then we thought the Hot and Spicy are rather special, and not many steamboats restaurant serves this. But it's really a big disappointment..

1. Hot and Spicy soup, I would rather call it OIL soup. I wanted to taste the soup, but what I can get in the spoon are oil.. Nothing, but only the oil. And, it has got no hot, no spicy taste at all.

2. Chinese Herbal soup, this is good, only for the first round. The soup is sweet, and well, at least I can taste the herbal.

3. Free drinks. OK, I have to say, this is rather another big disappointment. They only serve hot Chinese tea, cold Chinese tea, and cold cincau (Hm, I can't really taste the cincau for this).

4. There aren't much choices, not variety. And, all serve in small container. Taste? Just so-so that you can find in the supermarket.

5. The shop is small, packed and full. You have to be very careful when you walk in and out to get your food. You may hit someone by accident then.

6. There are some side dishes other than the steamboats. They do serve rice, curry chicken? (it does look like curry chicken, but the meats are too small pieces that I actually thought it's the chicken lung or something at first glance) and another plate of I don't-know-what (it was empty the first time I saw it, and it's empty every other time I look at it).

I don't know if I'm too outdated? Or is it I'm too traditional? This is the very first time I ever had this kind of steamboat, that they refill water after first round. OMG, WATER??? So, after several times refill, the herbal soup will become like plain water? And, the hot n spicy soup will become plain water + oil? My goodness...

Fine, there will not be second time I will be ever go there again. A big no-no!!

Innocent Voices

[ Innocent Voices ]

Got nothing much to do during the Deepavali holiday, then I caught this movie on ASTRO. Can't really move my eyes from it actually, a very sad, yet real story. Couldn't believe there are actually happened somewhere at the other side of the earth.

Have you ever think of, why there is war?
Is it Power? Fame? Money? Or what?
A kid of not elder than 12 years old, are forced to pick up the guns to kill, or rather to get killed.

Heard of a sentence before, which says, "To accomplish a mission, there will always be sacrifices". Such sacrifices, is it worth, at all? We are talking about life here. A human life? Is it really doesn't matter at all?

~~ ** ~~
Synopsis (from Innovent Voices Official Website):

More than 300,000 children presently serve in armies in over 40 countries.

Based on the true story of screenwriter Oscar Torres's embattled childhood, Luis Mandoki's Innocent Voices is the poignant tale of Chava (Carlos Padilla), an eleven-year-old boy who suddenly becomes the "man of the house" after his father abandons the family in the middle of a civil war.

In El Salvador in the 1980s, the government's armed forces are already recruiting twelve year olds, rousting them out of their classes at the local middle school. If he is lucky, Chava has just one year of innocence left, one year before he, too, will be conscripted to fight the government's battle against the peasant rebels of the FMLN. Chava's life becomes a game of survival, not only from the bullets of the escalating war, but also from the dispiriting effects of daily violence. As he hustles to find work to help his single mother pay the bills, and experiences the pangs of first love for a beautiful classmate, Chava's tiny home village becomes both playground and battlefield.

Armed only with the love of his mother (Leonor Varela) and a small radio that broadcasts a forbidden anthem of love and peace, and faced with the impossible choice of joining either the army or the rebels, Chava finds the courage to keep his heart open, and his spirit alive, in his race against time.

Webmaster Gathering @ Starbucks, KL Sentral

[ Webmaster Gathering @ Starbucks, KL Sentral ]

(sources from

Baby is so "high"

Yesterday when we got home, baby was so "high", I mean, she was so excited.

Run here and there happily, excitedly.. She even trying to climb over the sofa. Now that I realize she is so tall, so big girl now.

Half body on the sofa.

Finally, legs down, she made it!

Dry Soy Source Prawn

It was holiday yesterday, daddy suggested we go for prawn fishing. Since we have nothing much to do at home, some more our hands feel itchy itchy. So off we go to Klang!

Well, luckily we did go. =Þ Saw a lorry delivering the prawns to the pond. Saw this giant size tiger prawn there. I was like, oh my god, what a huge prawn! I never see this big size of prawn in my life. well, those in TV are excluded. The guy who delivered the prawns told me that this size of prawns costs RM80 per kg.

Yes, this is the giant tiger prawn. It's about 1 feet long! Too bad, we aren't able to fish it. There was total of 5 actually. Hm.. Good bye my giant...

Haha.. Look, it's got 10 inchese long!

Welf, of course it's get into my stomach in the end. My precious.. Wahaha.. Extremely happy I was. =D

This is the dry source prawn daddy cooked for me. See the big big prawn? It's far more bigger than the rest right?

The meat was so fresh, and yummy, so rich and juicy. Taste perfect with the source daddy cooked oh.

The meat, after removed the shell. It's even bigger than my thumb.. Gosh..

My my.. I hope I didn't get my cholesterol level raised.. I surely don't hope that.. =Þ

Deepavali Holiday

It's holiday tomorrow, yes! Hahaha...

Seems to have lots of holiday recently huh? Well, that's the best news for us the employees. Year end usually is the best working period among the year. And it surely is good news to me, well, you know, the lazy me. =Þ

Happy happy.. Now let's see what can I do on this day..

Going to lay on my bed till 12 o'clock.
Going to do just exactly NOTHING at all.
Going to watch my TVB series, the <岁月风云>.
Going to... Uh, no more already..

Well, what do you expect? Just one day.. It's really not enough.. =(

Happy Deepavali 2007

The Mc Delivery

Wanted to write about this quite some times ago.

If you remember, I was OT last 2 weeks. My company actually does provide us meal allowance, for those who worked after 2000. So usually we will order delivery like Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, McDonald..

The other day, we were OT again. Hungry but there are works to be done, so we decided to order delivery. After some discussion, some "war" to be precise, we finally agreed to order McDonald. So my colleague give them a call. That was 2015. The line was busy, so we tried again till someone finally picked up.

The operator actually told us there are really busy over the counter, nobody is free for the delivery. And, he asked us to call back again at 2100.

My my... What the heck is this. This is really the very first time I ever encountered this kind of situation. The delivery counter tell us that they are so busy serving the customer at counter?

Then, not too long from this incident, I think it happened within one week time. We had to OT again, so, we wanted to order delivery again. This time, McDonald, again. The good news is, yes, we managed to get our order taken. So we waited patiently for our dinner to be delivered.

Half an hour passed, there wasn't any shadow of the great McDelivery man! So we give them a call. And guess what, the operator told us they are very busy at the counter, serving customer there. There wasn't people free for delivery, again. Shit, what kind of service is this? Don't they ever thought of give us a call that they will have to delay our delivery, instead of let us wait here bluntly? Imagine if we never called up, how much longer we have to wait?

I was really surprise that they are so well known of delivery. And yet, they keep promoting their delivery service. But what's the point if they can't serve delivery after all? Shouldn't there be any special department just to serve delivery? If the customers at the counter there never end, so the delivery will be never available huh? What the heck is this?

Do they actually have any specific department to handle delivery? Or the delivery is just a sub to them, that if and only if there are less people at counter, then only they can serve delivery?

Inside Man

Watched this movie the other day at ASTRO. A show the really makes you cracked your brain. Its also a show that grabbed many awards.

Actually, still a bit blur after the show, that I have to nag daddy to explain more to me.

The case actually happened. There are hostages, and on of the hostage been killed. The police officers did talk to the robbers. The robbers requested a plane, a bus so they can get away from the bank. So and so.. But why there aren't suspects when its over? Why there aren't losses when its over? Who actually tell the robbers about the big secret?

It's a very interesting movie, strongly recommended.

~~ ** ~~

Synopsis (from
It all starts out simply enough: four people dressed in painters’ outfits march into the busy lobby of Manhattan Trust, a cornerstone Wall Street branch of a worldwide financial institution.

Within seconds, the costumed robbers place the bank under a surgically planned siege, and the 50 patrons and staff become unwitting pawns in an airtight heist.

NYPD hostage negotiators Detectives Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington) and Bill Mitchell are dispatched to the scene with orders to establish contact with the heist’s ringleader, Dalton Russell (Clive Owen), and ensure safe release of the hostages.

Working alongside Emergency Services Unit (ESU) Captain John Darius (Willem Dafoe), all are hopeful that the situation can be peacefully diffused and that control of the bank and release of those inside can be secured in short order. But things don’t progress as planned.

Inside, Russell proves an unexpectedly canny opponent—clever, calm and totally in command—a puppet master with a meticulous plan to disorient and confuse not only the hostages, but also the authorities.

Outside, the crowd of New Yorkers grows as the situation becomes increasingly tense, with Frazier’s superiors becoming more concerned about his ability to keep the standoff from spiraling out of control.

The robbers appear to consistently be one step ahead of the police, outwitting Frazier and Mitchell at every turn. Frazier’s suspicions that more is at work than anyone perceives are justified with the entry of Madeline White (Jodie Foster), a power player with shadowy objectives, who requests a private meeting with Russell.

The chairman of the bank’s board of directors, controlling entrepreneur Arthur Case (Christopher Plummer), is also uniquely interested in the moment-to-moment happenings inside the branch.

"One Day Five Meals"

If you switch on the ASTRO every Sunday, at 2200, you will find the famous DJ/host Ms Angel Wong Chui Ling, hosting a food programme, "One Day Five Meals". I heard about this show quite sometime, been watching the introduction. Finally, I watched it, last Sunday.

The show actually show us how to spend RM50 a day for 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper) around Klang Valley. Well, to me I think RM50 is quite a sum.

Too bad, I missed the front part.

Forgot where is the restaurant or place she had lunch at. It's a place selling Chicken Kuey-Teow Soup, with shrimp wan-ton. She said the kuey-teow is smooth and the soup is tasty, the shrimp wan-ton made from lots of shrimps. And the meal cost RM7.00.
I was like, huh? So expensive?

A dessert shop in Pudu's Food Street. The shop selling many sorts of dessert, in Cantonese we call it "Tong Sui'. She ordered 2, egg tea, and stewed egg. The stewed egg looks tasty. This cost RM1.50 each.

Restaurant PJ Baru, this restaurant serves all sorts of seafood, but what she ordered has nothing to do with seafood.
This time, she had it with Vivian, another famous DJ from MyFM. They ordered 3 dishes, claypot toufu, fried gold-melon, and one more I forgot what's the dish.
Dinner cost RM32, which to my personal opinion, it's really expensive, there isn't any seafood remember, just kind of vege..

A food stall somewhere in PJ SS2. The stall specialized on all sorts of "kuih", mainly Teochew types. Frankly, the kuih looks so yummy, haha. They also sell asam laksa, and fried teow-chew mee.
Not sure the actual location of the stall, but according to her, after you turned into SS2, opposite to Maybank, the stall that most people crowed for is the one.
The kuih price reasonable, RM0.60 per piece.

If you ask me, I will say it's actually nothing much in the show. The food been introduced are quite expensive though. RM50, can actually eat something else much better?

Salted Egg VS Preserved Egg

I am really curious, why does salted egg named salted egg, and preserved egg named preserved egg? Both are preserved?

Can anybody tell me please?

Salted Duck Egg

Chinese preserved food product made by soaking duck eggs in brine, or packing each egg in damp salted charcoal. In Asian supermarkets, these eggs are sometimes sold covered in a thick layer of salted charcoal paste. The eggs may also be sold with the salted paste removed, wrapped in plastic, and vacuum packed. From the salt curing process, the salted duck eggs have a briny aroma, a very liquid egg white and a yolk that is bright orange-red in colour, round, and firm in texture.

Salted duck eggs are normally boiled or steamed before being peeled and eaten as a condiment to congee or cooked with other foods as a flavorant. The egg white has a sharp, salty taste. The orange red yolk is rich, fatty, and less salty. The yolk is prized and is used in Chinese mooncakes to symbolize the moon.

Preserved Duck Egg / Century Egg

Century egg, also known as preserved egg, hundred-year egg, thousand-year egg and thousand-year-old egg is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice straw for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing.

The yolk of the egg is concentrically variegated in pale and dark green colors while the egg white is dark brown and transparent, like cola. The yolk is creamy with a strong aroma and an almost cheese-like flavor. The egg white has a gelatinous texture similar to cooked egg white, but has very little taste. Some eggs have patterns near the surface of the egg white which are likened to pine branches. The egg is considered a delicacy in the west, but is quite common in the Far East.

A blessed dinner

This is my dinner for last Saturday. No, I'm not the cook, but daddy was. =)
Hehe.. It tasted fantastic!

Don't ask me how to cook this dishes, I only know how to eat it. =Þ

Tom Yam Gong.
Very fresh and delicious prawns we got here, freshly fished last Wednesday.
Served with nice rot's skin, fish balls, mushrooms, and some wrapped meat.
Hm.. the soup is a bit too salted, and it's not sour enough. (This is all my fault, I got the lime wrong. So sorry daddy, I spoiled the soup.. =( )

Stir-fried Vege.
Fresh vege (the cai-xin), with crunchy deep-fried onion, which actually idealized the dish.

Fried egg with bread

Got nothing much to do when I wake up last Saturday. Since was in quite good mood to cook, so made us some simple breakfast. I believed you may had this many times ? Easy to cook, nice to eat~

- Egg
- Milk
- Pepper
- Bread

1. Mix egg, milk and pepper into a big bowl.
2. Stir the mixture.
3. Put the bread into the mixture, so the mixture would stick on the bread, and put into the pan.
4. Fry until the egg turned yellowish, perhaps a little burnt, and it's all ready.
5. Serve it with some honey, if you would like to.

Insurance for LOVE

ASTRO is showing a Chinese HK TVB series now, every Monday to Friday, at 2030.

Insurance for LOVE, is the insurance to insure your love, your relationship with your loved one.

If you insured your love, you will get a sum for the rewards when you get married.

But, can love really be insured? How many relationship managed to step further, to the other end of the red carpet? How many couple managed to survive till their old?

It's not that I don't believe in love, it's just the way people think nowadays, has gone too far. It's just another world we have to face now.

It used to be the sons and daughters have to follow their parents' command (sort of), and just marry whoever the parents think they are suitable.
Now? Who cares if we are still together the next minute? The thing is we are together at this minute.

Of course, there are still lots of people who think that love is for your lifetime, that he/she will be the only one. Just that, this group of people are getting lesser and lesser..

Somehow, I think if I tell people that I'm one of the person in the group, I might get laughed at.
"Hello, this is 21st century now. If we can get together then just stay together. If we can't get together then just leave each other. What so big deal?"
Some with more open minded may say, "My goodnes! You are such a geek! I never have my partner more than 1 day!"

Well, I have to admit that I am one in the group, that I do think love is for my lifetime. Once you found him, he is the one. I will try my very best to sustain the relationship. I am looking for a relationship that last forever, yes!