Dry Soy Source Prawn

It was holiday yesterday, daddy suggested we go for prawn fishing. Since we have nothing much to do at home, some more our hands feel itchy itchy. So off we go to Klang!

Well, luckily we did go. =Þ Saw a lorry delivering the prawns to the pond. Saw this giant size tiger prawn there. I was like, oh my god, what a huge prawn! I never see this big size of prawn in my life. well, those in TV are excluded. The guy who delivered the prawns told me that this size of prawns costs RM80 per kg.

Yes, this is the giant tiger prawn. It's about 1 feet long! Too bad, we aren't able to fish it. There was total of 5 actually. Hm.. Good bye my giant...

Haha.. Look, it's got 10 inchese long!

Welf, of course it's get into my stomach in the end. My precious.. Wahaha.. Extremely happy I was. =D

This is the dry source prawn daddy cooked for me. See the big big prawn? It's far more bigger than the rest right?

The meat was so fresh, and yummy, so rich and juicy. Taste perfect with the source daddy cooked oh.

The meat, after removed the shell. It's even bigger than my thumb.. Gosh..

My my.. I hope I didn't get my cholesterol level raised.. I surely don't hope that.. =Þ


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