Baskin Robins @ Pavillion

After the Euro Deli, Boon was forced to threat us ice-cream! Wahaha... Baskin Robins! Well, this has later transformed to be the culture of TSI, where those who is leaving the company, has to buy those remain some nice food.

First step into the place, you will see this counter full of ice-cream samples
All looks so yummy~

Hazel NutChocolate Foundue
The chocolate is so rich, so chocolaty, but a bit too sweet though
Just put the small ice-cream ball into the chocolate, slightly turn around, and you will have a wonderful chocolate balls

Other than the ice-cream balls, they also server fruits and cakes, mashmellows

Dark Chocolate Fondue
It taste less sweet compare to the hazel nut

Restaurant Euro Deli @ Jln Yap Kwan Seng

I tried Euro Deli before, the HQ at Damansara Kim. That place is a little small, but the food taste great, decorated nicely, comfortable, and the waitresses are friendly and serve you well. It's a very good place for dining.

The other day was having second farewell with colleague, Boon, and we went to this Euro Deli Grill branch at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Big place, but same, decorated warmly.

The decoration in the restaurant

The Bar Station
There are many used bucket at the top of the sation
Me and my colleagues bought few home though

Pre-meal platter
Soft bread + creamy butter = perfect match

Orange Juice
Although its not freshly squeezed, but it taste good too

Grilled Pork Belly
Crunchy outer skin,with some stuffed meat

Seafood Spaghetti

Lamb Chop
The taste of lamb is very rich, and a bit cold when tuck in
Should taste better while its hot

Farmbest Special Set
Well, it's actually a very ordinary western style breakfast
But it taste real good though

Grilled Pork Ribs
Similar to the Chinese's grill pork ribs, taste same great

Sausage Platter
Total of three different type of sausages for your taste

German Pork Knuckle
This is a must-order when we are having German cuisine
Super crunchy outer skin, with ultra soft pork meat in it
It's just superb!

Grilled Pork Chop
Pork Chop grilled to well, serve with mushroom sauce, taste good too

Chili's @ KLCC

Went to Chili's in KLCC for dinner with colleagues. This is one of my very favorite restaurant, just that I never write about it though.

Bottomless Tostada Chips
Crunchy tostada chips, serve with special tomatoes sauce
A typical Mexican snack

Mandalay Chicken Salad
A lot of small pieces crunchy chips, some grilled chicken slices, some chopped tomatoes, and some fresh vege, serves with some house made salad sauce

Grilled Chicken Chop
The chicken chop are so-so, but the mashed potatoes are great, always my favorite in the house

Mushroom Jack Fajitas
This taste real good, a must-order every time I went there
Just put some meat, grilled mushroom, onion, cheese, tomatoes, sour-cream, mustard on the fajitas, wrap it nicely and eat it

Kirishima Japanese Restaurant @ Dua Annexe

Went for farewell for a colleague today, to the Dua Annexe near to office. It's right opposite to the US Embassy.

Before we go there, we did some research on this japanese reaturant, to look for some review.Wow, seems like very expensive though. But they are having promotion now, so it's still affordable.

After we are back from the lunch, everybody show good thumb on it. Tasty food, fresh enough, good service, good ambience.

There will definitely be next time!

Japanese style dining tables and chairs, but look at the top, its having European style light?

The promotion set

King Prawn Rolls set with Sashimi

King Prawn Rolls

Ishiyaki Chicken Set

Saba Set

Teriyaki Chicken Set

Unagi Rolls with Tempura Set

Unagi Rolls
Strongly recommended!
Thick unagi meat with juicy sweet unagi sauce, ichiban-neh!

Salmon Bento Set

Carlifornia Hand Rolls

Lot 1.2, 1st Flr, Dua Annexe,
211 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 KL.

Telephone No: 603-21628127

Open Hours: 12pm - 2.30pm, 6pm - 10.30pm

Laugh to keep from crying

Sometimes, we laugh to keep from crying.
Sometimes, we smile to keep from frowning.
Sometimes, we hate to keep from loving.
Sometimes, we hide so we can be found.
Saw this somewhere, and I like it very much. So I thought to share with you all, posted it here.

It seems like a bit pathetic from the words, where we just can't express our-self willingly and openly. Thus, the extreme ways is to be used to replace it. But then, who has the rights to define if we should or should not?

Furthermore, to do so, is not easy at all, isn't it. But if you really managed to do it, will it be a good thing? or it's the other way?

Beautiful Cooking (Season 2)

Photo from the Internet

Recently the Astro Wai Lei Toi has been showing the second season of The Beautiful Cooking. Although I do not have Astro at home, but I trying hard to get this show. So, I've been watching this show at home this few days.

It's been hilarious since the first season, especially when the beauties all showing 'kelam-kabut' during the whole cooking session, can really makes your stomach-ache. But then there are some exceptional case. Some can really cook.

Again, the three funny hostess are always been jinxed by the beauty, to give them high marks. But ofcourse, all this are just part of the requirements of the show.

It's good to kill your time, really. Funny, funny and funny.

Weather VS Moody

I don't know if it's coincident, or just some kind of psychological factor. This week weather is really a perfect match to my mood.  

Had an argument with him on Sunday, then it was dark weather since Monday, even rain.

Finally patch up with him yesterday, find this morning a shinny day.

Din Thai Fung @ The Gardens

Wesley is my god-brother since college. Ever since he went back to Sibu, we seldom keep contact. The last time we ever met was few years ago, when he company his sister here for University enrollment.

This time, he come to KL again, for his sister's graduation. Time really flies. So, I make an appointment with him for dinner.

The must-order Xiao Long Bao
This actually taste so-so, the skin is not thin enough, and the sauce is too little
but the fillings do taste good though

Shrimp Xiao-Mai
It taste something similar to the Xiao Long Bao, just there a piece of shrimp on top
which makes the upper skin rather thick

House Brand Vege
Said is one of the new dishes
Taste a bit sour and sweet, with a little bit spicy

Three Cup Chicken 
The taste of soya sauce is rather too think, and cant really taste the rice wine in it
Bit salty, to eat with rice should be better

Zha Jiang Mian
According to Wes, this taste so-so

Beef Noodle
Very rich beef soup, and the beef is braised to well
For those who like beef noodle, should like this

Tears from a woman

Photo from the Internet

Some people say, a woman's tears  is a very good weapon upon a man.

No matter what have you done wrong, when a man sees your tear, he will definitely gives up everything, just anything at all.

Well then, does it means that
If a man no longer feel threaten with your tears, he no longer cares about you, no longer loves you?

Skytrex - Extreme Challenge

After the last Skytrex Adventure, we agreed to take some rest before we come back for a more difficult level challenges, the Extreme Challenge.

Well, it happened to be the same Saturday morning, same Taman Pertanian. But the different is this time, we only have 7 people. Some of us did some research from the Internet, that this, The Extreme Challenge, is really tough and tiring. I remember there was 1 blog mentioned there were 7 of them start the challenge, but in the end, only three of them successfully conquered it. Gosh.. Anyway, it still doesn't reduce our interest to it!

In order to go for the Extreme Challenge, they requested the participants to have atleast experience with The Big Thrill, a more simpler challenge. I think it could probably to give some idea of what type of challenges it gonna be, so the participants will be prepared. Second thing, I do think its good to have some  similar experiences before you go for this, it's really tough.

So now, let's have a look at some challenges we managed to take photo of. Hm, due to the difficulties of the challenges, our hands became shaking. Thus, do bare with us for the not-good-quality of the photos.

First of all, to blimb up this staircase. All the challenges happened on the trees, so we have to be up in the sky.

After the staircase, it's my favorite flying-fox! Imagine this, you are going to fly from this end to another end at that tree. The speedy feeling is just fun!

Then, follow by round and round of the challenges to body balancing. You gotto keep yourself calm and maintain the balancing. Do not look down to the ground, or else...

Look at this photo, reminds me of the day when I do this. The instructor run over to the other end very quickly, that makes I think, eh, it's not that hard, I just have to follow him then I will be able to cross the bridge just like that as well. Hm, it's actually not. I almost fall down in the half way crossing the bridge. Luckily the safety lock are done good. Gotto walk over slow and steady dude.

This, look bit like the swing-saw in the air. We have to walk over to the other end with this hanging string. The secret is first, stand steady on string A, then slowly move one of your leg to string B, then while balancing your body on string A, stretch your hand to string B and grab it, then lean forward to string B and slowly let go string A and stand steadily at string B.

This is similar to the previous challenge. Always remember to keep your body balancing, and to maintain the pace and be steady.

We usually see the walk-on-the-air stunt in those circus. This one is very similar to it, only this got 1 safety rope for you to grab while walking over. Its help to keep your body balance. Walk at the side is the easier way.

Walk at the front, they said is difficult, but I think this is easier and faster.

This, is the most easiest throughout the whole challenges. According to my friends, they said this is like 'walking at pasar malam, sap-sap-water'.

This, is the last challenge, also the only one challenge that I failed previously, the Tarzan Jump. Hehe, this time round, I successfully conquered it!

At about 2 hours later, we finally successfully gone through all the 21 challenges. Well, actually, that was not the actual last challenge, the one at below is the one.

Photo from the Internet

According to the instructor, this challenge is rather too difficult that not many challenger able to finish it. There were 3 got stuck in there, and created the jam. So they decided to temporarily close it. Too bad.. Although we might not able to finish this, but since we are already here, sure we want to try it, and hope we can finished it.

Anyway, everybody were so tired, and keep shouting for cold drinks, especially cold coke! So the conclusion is, there are seven of us in the group, seven of us all successfully take the challenge!