Lovely Pancake

[ 爱心班戢 ]
Been bugging daddy for making me pancake. Today, finally, daddy made me pancake for breakfast!

I think daddy wake up really early to prepare this. The moment I wake up, I already smell the nice pancake, which made me totally awake. Daddy even reheat the TomYam soup leftover yesterday, with all the meatballs in it, as my lunch. I really appreciate it. =)

Sweet sweet pancake with honey topping

Daddy been in and out the kitchen, preparing me nice food. Probably he pitty me for have to suffer in The Incredible India for two months (Gosh!). If I ever tell you I'm not touched, and feel nothing about it, well, I am lying.

It's the thought and the action that filled my hearts with warms.

Thanks daddy! I am getting unbearable to leave you now.. =(