Papa John's @ BTS

Last last Wednesday, went for a movie with a group of colleagues.

After reached BTS, collected the movie tickets, it's dinner time! Famous with American Pizza, Papa John's, is the choice of the evening.

Italian Style Thin Crust Pizza
Thin and crunchy crust taste real good

Normal Thick Crust Pizza
The crust is too think, while the ingredients are too little

Cabonara Spaghetti

Taste not bad, but the spaghetti is overcooked

Cheese Bread
So-so, the cheese is not rich enough

The Platter
Friend Chicken Wing, Fried Onion Ring, and Fried Wedges
Don't like this at all
The fried chicken wing are overcooked, dry and tasteless
The fried onion ring are too oily
The fried wedges, well, Uncle Kentuky's taste much better though

Cheese Sauce
May put on the pizza to increase the cheesiness

Pickled Chili
Sort of appertizer?
Taste a bit sour and spicy, quite good though