I want to eat cantonese style fried rice

Doudou was making fried rice the other day. Out of sudden, I feel like wanna have the cantonese style fried rice. Those that having cantonese style gravy, like what we have in cantonese style fried kuey-teow? Just too bad, we can't get the ingredients here.. No pork, even fresh chicken meat is difficult to get here.

I was chatting with him ther other night, about this cantonese style fried rice. I told him that I want to eat the one cooked by him. He laugh like hell, then he said he don't want to. Gosh..

Seriously, I tried his cantonese style fried rice before, and it taste really yummy. Creamy gravy with smooth pork meat, and some chili padi with lime sauce.. Just perfect!

Well ofcourse, I managed to pursuade him to cook me the dish in the end. Hahaha... And he said, we shall go for prawn fishing, and use the prawns as our main ingredient for the dish! Yay!!