Delicious @ Mid Valley

It's really a very good fortune to meet your very good friends that we haven't met for a long time. Well, what's make me feel great is that we all stayed healthy and happy. The only thing I feel regretful is just one of the member has missed the event. Hm, wonder when will be the next gathering?
We decided to meet at Delicious, at Mid Valley. Like its comfortable environment. Another reason is because it's just right in the middle of our office.

the decor of Delicious, the comfortable feel

right in front of us, was a white plant, with a lot of white cages

Death by Iced Chocolate (will I be the death after it?)

Forgot what's the name of this drink, some coffee wth cream?

Latte, my beloved
Frankly, just taste normal

Wild Mushroom Soup
Very rich mushroom soup, slightly taste a little spicy from the black pepper
good matched with garlic bread, well done!

Seafood Cheese Pasta
the seafood is very fresh, especially the shrimps
well cooked spaghetti, good to chew
but too much cheese, made it too cheesy
it tasted slightly oily for too much cheese and olive oil
but overall, it taste good

Tom Yam Spaghetti
very heavy taste of tom yam and lemon grass
something special though