Hot Summer, Hot Power!

Don't know if its because of the Power consumption of the air-conditioner unit? I found the power stripping volumes in summer are much higher than in winter. It was like few minutes one stripped. Sometimes, the power off for more than 3 minutes! And this is really frustrating!!

There was a time, actually it happened yesterday. We were watching the TVB series in the living room. Suddenly, the power was off. We thought it was the normal usual power strip, so we didn't pay much attention to it, and continue on our series.

Five minutes passed, the power still off. Then we felt something was wrong. Doudou and me went down to the guard there to check it out what's going on. In the lift, we met one neighbour so I asked her if her house has the power supply. To our surprise, she said yes. OMG, how come we don't have?

Told the guard about the situation, he said will send the technician to check it out. While on my way back, I was thinking how come only our apartment got problem? Is it the company didn't pay the bill???

So, we got no choice but to wait and wait in the hostel. It started to get stuffy, and I started to get frustrating! NO fan, NO air-conditional, NO water!!! The drinking water has to go through a water filter, which required power supply. My goodness.. I wanted to take my luggage and jump on the plane fly back to my home sweet home!!

And then, the technician is here, press a button and ta-da.. The power get back to normal. He said the power suiz at the main board there cut off the power supply, for the overloading of power supply. -_-

Hm.. I am really not suitable to live in India, I can't adapt to the live here at all!

Just one summer, I think I am going to get CRAZY!!

[ 炎炎夏天, 整天停电! ]