Missing hometown

Picture from the Internet

Recently been reading some blogs about my beloved hometown. Those wonderful pictures, are really making me missing home so much. Come to think about it, it's been years I didn't go back there. A place with blue sky, white cloud, green sea, and smooth sand. (OMG, am I direct translate here?) But then, I think the beach has been poluted now somehow after so many years?

Anyway, I remember I used to cycle there with friend, and it just feeling so good. Oh I missed the beach, I missed the wind, I missed keropok lekor, I missed the iced cendol, I missed the food !! Although I've been staying in this big city for about 10 years?! But I am still remember everything back there, the peaceful, the relax..

Hm.. Shall I go back for this coming holiday?

Departure Lounge @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Ever since I got my black horse, I just can't sit quietly at home but driving around. Then, I read this cafe from some food blogger, that they keep praise its food and environment. And, thinking that JD and I didn't meet up for quiet sometimes, so we decided to head on for a breakfast. So here I am, wake up early in the Sunday morning, just to go for a lovely breakfast with a lovely person. =)

Although the location was quite difficult to get to, luckily I have GPS with me. But, still I think it's worth for the try. Comfortable environment, great food, nice coffee, moreover you can get yourself connected to the Internet. What else do you ask for?

So, this cafe, is all about breakfast, all kind of breakfast. And they only serve breakfast kind of food. That's why they got a name, ALL DAY BREAKFAST. Well, if you do not wish to have a heavy meals, and you wanted to have some nice coffee, you may come to this place, it's just right place!

Oh, and thanks JD, for the breakfast! So the next round will be on me, kay ?

This, is the all-day breaky I ordered.

Here, is the main entrance of the cafe, there is some open area outside too.
And as you can see, the wall behind the entrance has got lots of postcards from different countries.

Right after the entrance, you may found this corner with lots of books, magazines, and information about travels around the world on the bookshelf.
Oh, and also the big green menu on the wall.

After the menu, you may come to the counter, place your order, pay for the order, and wait for your order to be serve. Oh you will have to bring your own drinks back to your seats, while the waiter will bring you your food once it's ready. Yes, it is self-service here.

And I love this, the cozy area in the cafe.
Just imagine, with a cup of nice coffee, and a laptop on your lap, you can get connected to the Internet comfortably. What a nice idea right?

And, this is the sandwich I ordered.
Yummy croissant, with sunny fried egg, and a slice of ham, a slice of cheese, sausages, tomatoes, and vege. It's just so delicious!

Not to mention this crispy nachos, served with salsa sauce.
Just wonderful~

Oh ofcourse, this is a must! My beloved latte~

E-Form from the hasilnet

Just got my BE Form submitted.Thanks to the wonder Internet, ofcourse thanks to the government that provide such services so people may avoid the hassle of filling up the forms. In just a button away, you are done with your one year income-tax declaration. How easy is that!

But then, when there is a pros, there will be cons too. The form is submitted in digital form, through the Internet. So it's so rely on the bandwidth off the network your connecting to, the stability of the network your connection to, the accuracy of the data after transmission so it's nto corrupted when its at receiver, and etc.

Last year when I did my income-tax declaration I was in India. And as you know, due to the electricity supply problem, power stripping is so common in India. So I think there was so problem when I submitted my form last year. Some how it got corrupted. (Knew this when I went to the Inccome Tax Department early this year to find out why I have to pay for more than one thousand tax for my year 2007.. )

How could it possibly happened right? I remember correctly I have some rebate after all the hassle calculation. How come I have to pay ? So I went to the department to check it out. Its just so impossible. Then they told me it's because my form got corrupted when they received it. So I do have money rebate, just need some supporting documents.

I guess, this is what we usually say, the water flow can bring you to bright side, or the dark side. Something that should bring you convenient, could have bring you havoc in return.

Chicken Ala Carte

Watched this clip just now, feel so sad and I do feel myself to be very fortunate. Well, at-least I get to feed myself. Whereas to them, food is something so luxury, that they cannot afford to have their normal basic daily meal. They have to rely on the good man, to gather all leftover from the restaurants, and deliver to them. And they take it happily. I bet they have been starving all day.

Think about it, have you ever finished all you ordered? Have you ever order what you should?

Baby VS Ball Ball

Fox did mention to put some Baby's photos here, so here I am took some photos of baby playing with her ball-ball (the tennis ball we bought for her). Well, initially we thought the ball should be enough for her to play for couple of months. It's a tennis ball, man! In the end, it's skin gets peeled off still. Hm.. Was it because the quality matter or was it my baby too rough?

This, is my ball-ball, You all can't touch it!

This, is the very uneasy stare baby used to have.
And daddy said every-time when he sees this, he just feels like want to wrack her.
Hahaha... Because he feels that she is staring at him very rudely and very arrogant.

My Black Horse

[ 黑马 ]

20th April 2008, is definitely a day to remember. Because, I get to drive, again. Although it's not a very luxury car, just something used as a transport. But, well, it's makes my life more easy, especially when you are in KL. So now I don't have to worry that I might trouble someone to fetch me, I can just go anywhere, anytime as I like!

Oh, and there is another good news, well it's a good news to me I suppose. I got 2.5% for the interest rate, loaned 5 years. It's right before the government announced that imported car loan to be increased. Phew... It's one percent for god sake..

OK, so now let's talk about my black horse. Hm, been waited for three months full to get him. The agent told me this is because it's black, and it's rare. So no choice, but to wait. (I thought we are having economic crisis now, how come there are so many people buying new cars still?)

But anyway, this agent is really nice, he explained very well to me, and he gave me lot of stuff.
  • RM1000 rebate
  • 3 key chains
  • a truffle
  • a T-shirt
  • a super big umbrella
So, just exactly what car I've got? He came from oversea, he is handsome (look alike the Transformer), he has got sterling wheel control and paddle shirt so you don't have to move your body to the audio panel to change channel or volume, he has got under seat tray to put your shoes and umbrella, he has got advanced audio with USB port and AUX, and he has got a huge luggage compartment that you can even stuck in a big luggage with human body!

Earth Day @ 0422

So, it's the Earth Day today. But what exactly is a Earth Day? I did a search in Google, and found something to share with you all here. Although I'm not a very recycle person, but I do hope I can do something to help a little though.

Earth Day, celebrated April 22, is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year.

Earth Day 2009, April 22, will mark the beginning of The Green Generation CampaignTM which will also be the focus of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2010. With negotiations for a new global climate agreement coming up in December, Earth Day 2009 must be a day of action and civic participation, to defend The Green GenerationTM’s core principles: Family with windmills: Renewable energy for future generations.

  • A carbon-free future based on renewable energy that will end our common dependency on fossil fuels, including coal.
  • An individual’s commitment to responsible, sustainable consumption.
  • Creation of a new green economy that lifts people out of poverty by creating millions of quality green jobs and transforms the global education system into a green one.

* Resources from earthdaynetwork.

Drew Barrymore VS Me

My colleague told me the other day that I look alike an actress, Berrymore. I was wondering, who is this Berrymore? Then, he said is Drew Berrymore (Its Drew Barrymore).Wahaha... Actually I love this lady very much. I find her very sweet and especially her smile, so charming!

Then I asked him, what movie he watched that made him think we look alike? He said, "The Duplex". Hm.. She was having long straight hair in that movie, probably also similar what I am now?

Then, this remind me of quite some times back, a friend told me that I look alike her too. And that time, she was watching the "Ever After".

Haha.. Friend, for you who met me before, what do you think?

This, is how she look in the movie, Ever After.

Beethoven @ 1992

Do you ever wonder why a lady like me, would love to rare a huge dog as baby? Well, here I'll tell you why.

When I was little, I watched this movie "Beethoven" from the television. There is a huge furry monster in the movie, with big head, big body, big mouth that always drooling, and always show you his sunny silly eyes. I was like, OMG, what in Earth is this huge monster? But indeed, he gave a lots of joys and happy to the family. He is just so adorable!

So, from the very first sight I saw him, I've fall for him. And there was where I decided to have one when I am allowed to. Four years back, I have my baby, a birthday present from him. Although we are staying in the Condominium, but we still have her sneaked in and stays there illegally. Haha..

Well, have you ever watched this movie? It's ok if you haven't. I've just found it from the Youtube, and I've paste it here. The very first "Beethoven" series starts from here. Enjoy the show~

Hm.. Will you be as heart-touching as I am then? Well, let's see..

Totoro @ Hayao Miyazaki

For those who loved Hayao Miyazaki (宫崎骏), the world famous Japanese animation creator, must have heard of Totoro (龙猫) before. Long long time ago, when I was still a student, the very first animation I watched from Miyazaki, is this Totoro. And ever since then, I'm obsessed with the big strong dumb Totoro. Hahaha.. He is just so adorable, don't you think so?

I remember i watched both Cantonese and Japanese version of the animation. And, I love the way the two little Totoro walking while hmm-ing some voice. The blue Totoro will sounds: Chi-Chi-Cha, where the tiny white Totoro will sounds: Boom-Boom-Ba. Oh the big grey Totor doesn't sounds much though. Try to imagine, when they are walking in a line, the blue Totoro follow by the white Totoro, and their sounds one and other non-stop. Isn't so funy and cute?

So, after I get out and work, one day I met him again, in a shop that selling DVD. Immediately, I bought him back, together with another that time very famous animation, (千与千寻) . Then, another day, I met him again in another shop. But this time, he is so so so adorable, and like looking deep into my eyes, ask me to bring him home. This is a big plush doll, a very big grey Totoro! I remember that time was there with a friend, but i forgot the purpose we went there, probably for a movie or something. And, she is the driver. I also remember, the moment I paid for him, walk ahead the car and squeeze him into the little satria, I was sooo happy. Hahaa.. This, is the first every toy that I bought for myself, and it's a huge 1.

Now, Totoro has grow older and older. His fur color has dripped, and he looks so pale now. There was one time, HE said wants to throw him away, for he is so dirty and no place for him. Well, of-course I won't allowed that. I just cleaned him up and packed him in a big bag, and stuck him in a big box. Hopefully one day, he would be able to come out and see the sun again.

Hm.. Why would I talk about Totoro today? Well, I just had a Quiz test in Facebook yesterday, about what character am I in all Miyazaki animation. And the result surprised me, it's my very favourite Totoro! Hahaha..

This looks similar to the one that I bought last time, but mine was more cute!

The real Totoro, named Chinchilla. They are just so cute aren't they?

p.s: All the photos are taken from the Internet.

[ 宫崎骏《龙猫》 ]

Coffee-mate VS Milk Powder

Joke of the day.

A lady was trying to make her coffee of the day morning in the pantry. When she opened the cupboard where the nescafe + milo + tea + coffee-mate are, she found the coffee-mate container is gone. But, there is another small little pink square container, with some yellow powder in it. Without long thought, she just opened the container, and poured all the yellow powder in her glass. She thought it was the left-over coffee-mate, after the original container was sent for a shower.

The moment she pour the powder, she smelled something. It's the smell of MILK!! OMG, it's not the coffee-mate, but its the milk powder. Someone must have been put their milk powder there together with the other containers.

Then, she wrote an email to all her colleagues, apologized on the accident.


p/s: She even got a replied saying he likes the way she wrote this email.
p/s: YES, the silly lady is me..


A bunch of silly funny monsters.. From now on, I am deeply fall for them~

For more details, please visit their website at Dooodolls.

P/s: I've already brought Charco home.. So the next will be the Twins!

To be continued..

After seeing what fox did at his new home in blogspot, it reminds me of my old abandoned blogspot. My oh my, it's been like almost a year plus since I last updated? What I've been busy about these days?

Hm.. Guess ever after I'm back from the incredible India, I was just busy like in hell. Busy picking my new life in the lovely homeland, busy picking up the days having fun with my Baby, busy picking up the projects in KL, etc etc etc..

Well, whatever it is, I'm going to pick up this site again. As what been told by fox, money not enough, must think of a way trying to earn more. Yeah, I am so $$$$$$$ minded.. Wahahaa....

So, the very first thing when I'm back, is to change the clothes for this blog. Expect more when I gets to update later. Btw, what do you think about this piece of clothes?