Something about May

Time has been travelled real fast nowadays, just another week has passed. Feel like didn't do any thing at all. Just in one blink of eye, one month is gone. Hm.. Didn't do much thing this month, but also, done many.

Work wise, already at finishing stage for the current module assigned. Now, waiting for new module and meanwhile, doing some documentation.

Life wise, been busy about something really important to my life, something that will affect my future, my dream. Haha.. Whether it's successful or fail, let's see what happened this weekend.

Other than that, been planning to visit mom for so long. Hoping to have it done in June. Been dragged for so many months, must accomplish this next month! Hm.. I wonder if mom will come and bug me for not visiting her for, few years?? OMG...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Wish everybody have a Wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival!

Have more dumpling, and have more hot tea~

Happy 4 Yrs Old, My Baby

photo taken from the Internet.

Happy Birthday to my lovely Baby~

Today, baby has became 4 years old. Where, in human age, she is already 28 years old. My oh my, she still act like a small little girl, who likes to play, who likes to be 'manja', and who likes to throw her temper too.. But after all and all, she still bring us lots of lots of fun and happy!

Baby, you are fully grown up now, so you must listen to what mummy say, ok. Don't just always makes mummy angry.. Mummy ask you to go home then you should just go to the lift there, don't walk here and there go kepoh-ing, and pretend not hear me..

Baby Baby.. Mummy loves you yea~

p/s: We bought baby 2 big bones(as per the picture above) as her birthday present, and she likes it very much!

Angels & Demons

So finally I watched this movie, though the book has been in my rack for months, wanted to read but keep dragging. Well, daddy bro-in-law won the tickets, in One Utama GSC Gold Class, oh man.. This is the very first time I ever watch in Gold Class, after all these years!

Hm.. There, are I think they have about 24 couple seats in the hall. The seats, are with no-massage function massage, which allows you to lift your legs up an rest on a special compartment. So just imagine this, in a quiet dark room with dim light, and air-cond on, and with people mumbling quietly, it's just so easily to fall asleep. (And there where daddy slept for almost 1 and half hour, snoring in the hall..)

And so I thought, with RM20 per ticket, there are free food and drink provided. Well, not at all. You have to fork out your own money for that, to put on the nice small coffee table in between the couple seats.

Anyway, let's go back to the movie. Hm, this one, is more excited than the previous "Da Vincci Code", for its more exciting action scene. The "Da Vincci Code", I remember it was more on dialogue type where you have to really pay attention to the words come out from the actors and actresses. This one, is the a story happened before "Da Vincci Code".

But then, seriously, I don't really understand why is this story named as such, Angels & Demons. Is Angels, refering to the statues? And angels are suppose to be the messengers from the God. So, demons are those who aren't God's followers? Where in this case, the Illuminist? So, the Illuminist, are the demons? The demons using angels as their community's guidance.. Hm, such redicule and sarcastic though.

But then, is it really true that Science and Religion, cannot be aligned? There are somet hings that we really cannot explain with Science, aren't they ? Or, is it we haven't able to explain it just yet ?

Plot Summary from WIkipedia:
The plot follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, as he tries to stop what seems to be the Illuminati, a legendary secret society, from destroying Vatican City with the newly-discovered power of antimatter.

CERN director Maximilian Kohler discovers one of the facility's most respected physicists, Leonardo Vetra, murdered in his own secured, private quarter at the facility. His chest is branded with a symbol—an ambigram of the word "Illuminati"—and his eye is dislodged. Instead of calling the police, Kohler researches the topic on the Internet and finally gains contact with Langdon, an expert on the Illuminati. Kohler requests his assistance in uncovering the murderer.

What Langdon finds at the murder scene frightens him: the symbol appears to be authentic, and the legendary secret society, long thought to be defunct, seems to have resurfaced. Kohler calls Vetra's adopted daughter Vittoria to the scene, and it is later revealed that the Illuminati has also stolen a canister containing a quarter of a gram of antimatter—an extremely dangerous substance with destructive potential comparable to a small nuclear weapon, a potential unleashed upon contact with any form of normal matter. When charged with electricity at CERN, the canister's magnetic field controls the drop of antimatter to float suspended in a high vacuum, ensuring safety; but when it was taken away from its electricity supply, it automatically switched to its back-up battery, which will only power it for 24 hours. The horrible truth is that the Illuminati has put the stolen canister somewhere in Vatican City, with a security camera in front of it as its digital clock counts down to the explosion.

Langdon and Vittoria make their way to Vatican City, where the pope has recently died, and the papal conclave has convened to elect the new pontiff. Cardinal Mortati, host of the election, discovers that the four Preferiti, cardinals who are considered to be the most likely candidates in the election, are missing. After they arrive, Langdon and Vittoria begin searching for the Preferiti in hopes that they will also find the antimatter canister in the process. Their search is assisted by Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca (the late pope's closest aide) and the Vatican's Swiss Guard, including Commander Olivetti, Captain Rocher, and Lieutenant Chartrand.

Convinced that the Illuminati are in some way responsible for the disappearance of the Preferiti, Langdon attempts to retrace the steps of the so-called "Path of Illumination", an ancient and elaborate process once used by the Illuminati as a means of induction of new members; prospective candidates for the order were required to follow a series of subtle clues left in various landmarks in and around Rome. If the candidate followed the clues properly, he would be able to locate the secret meeting place of the Illuminati and be granted membership in the order. Using his extensive knowledge of religious and occult history, Langdon sets off on the Path of Illumination in hopes of uncovering clues as to the disappearance of the Preferiti and the location of the antimatter canister.

The Path leads Langdon to four major locations in Rome (Vatican City is within the city of Rome), each associated with what the Illuminati believed to be the four primordial elements of all things in existence: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Upon arriving at each location, Langdon finds one of the Preferiti murdered in a fashion appropriate to the location's respective element: The first cardinal was branded with an Earth ambigram, had soil forced down his throat and was buried (Earth); the second was branded with an Air ambigram and had his lungs punctured (Air); the third was branded with a Fire ambigram and was burned alive (Fire); and the fourth was branded with a Water ambigram and was chained and left to drown at the bottom of a large fountain (Water).

* For more details, please check out the website.

Jade Garden Restaurant @ Jalan Tong Shin

Went to this Herbal Soup restaurant with friends last Friday. Heard of its famous of nourishment , as recommended by女汤男煲 四不卖 (Medicine Soup)), we decided to give it a try.

As you all know, it's somehow difficult for a busy citizen to make themselves soup, not to mention a herbal soup that required hours of cooking. This, is really an ideal place for us to have a sip of nourishment.

大補汤(The nourish herbal soup), RM13.30.
This is good for week body, ad its good for both ladies, and gentlemen.
The ingredients are combination of more than 10 types of Chinese traditional herbs, stewed with the black chicken for 15 hours.

滋补宁神汤(The ), RM9.50.
Using up to 6 types of Chinese Traditional Herbals, stewed with quail.

肉扒(Pork chop), RM12.00.
Yummy delicious! The creamy sauce with a little taste of wine definitely enlighten the pork.

虾煎蛋(Fried egg with shrimp), RM8.00.
This one tasted rather ordinary, normal fried egg.

芋头扣肉(Pork stewed with yam), RM15.00.
Hm, this is another ordinary dish, I would prefer the one from Hakka Restaurant.

清炒菜胆(Stir fried vege), RM8.00.
The vege was very fresh, taste good.

As you can see, there is ah-xian poster in the restaurant.

Please help the helpless doggies

Felt really pain when see this poster, poor doggies.. This is definitely the fault by the might y HUMAN. They are also lifes, they aren't no different from a HUMAN BEING. It's not they fault for being a dog, it's also not their fault for being adopted by the heartless owner!

If you can, please help them! Food, money, shelter, anything at all...


For more information, please click here..

Papan Mee @ Taman Miharja, Cheras

Once upon a time, one of my very good friend brought me to this stall, that selling 'papan-mee' (not sure what is this called in English..). That time, she was working in UE3 Mall, Cheras. She told me that there is a food stall in Taman Miharja, that is very well known of its papan-mee. So, she brought me there when I met her. And ever since then, I been thinking about the good taste of it!

Now that I have the chance to go back to the same stall. Well, the stall has been upgraded, can fit more customers now.

I love the soup, so sweet and so rich of minced pork sauce. The refreshing noodle, with minced pork, and mushroom, and some crispy fried anchovies on top.. Just so delicious! Oh, not to left out the bumpy pork meat balls!

papan-mee in soup

dried papan-mee, taste as good as the soup's.
especially the fried anchovies, its crispy level can last longer

the bumpy meat balls (pork)

the spicy chili sauce, is a must for papan-mee

Safe Charco

Finally, black-horsey is back, together with charco. Yes, I send charco to company black-horsey, just in case he might be scared of being alone in some stranger place. Yesterday when I went to pick them up, the moment when I saw charco, I really feel like laugh out loudly..

The mechanic actually help charco put up his safety belt. Then I find, him, whoever he is, is definitely a very humor person. Wahaha...

Whatever it is, it really made my day! Bravo~

p/s: Black-horsey has been examined as fuse relayed problem. It might be the workshop that I send for the auto-lock system installation, that didn't do their work properly. Somehow the wiring went wrong, that caused the fuse relayed. And just because this is something I installed additionally, it is not under warranty.. Urghhh!!

Black-Horsey is Sick, ID Open Second Prize

It's just less than two weeks time. Two weeks.. and my black-horse went wrong. It is so unbelievable.. But then, who asked me to install the lock-tech thingy? Now something went wrong, how to judge who is a the wrong side?

It happened like this.. Last Friday when I wanted to go out, I found the gear was not functioning. But then since it's a Holiday, cannot do much too. Have to wait till Saturday to call the mechanic to fix it. Frankly, I was thinking to go buy the numbers the very first thing when I get to out. It's Saturday anyway, and I never buy the ID of black-horsey.

But then, probably because it's a long weekend, the hotline cannot get through. OMG, have to wait till Monday then. And I was totally forget about the number thingy..

At night, his sister called up, saying black-horsey's ID strikes the numbers, TOTO second prize. OMG! Second Prize!! Do you have any idea how much will that be?? It's 10 times, man!

Then Monday, which is yesterday, black-horsey has to go into the hospital. The mechanic came, can't start the engine. Then don't know what he did, the engine get started, and he drove black-horsey to hospital.

Oh my black-horsey... What is wrong with you? How come you never bring me luck, but to someone else? If you don't bring me luck, how am I going to dress you handsome handsome?

Shar-Pei Baby

Remember I was thinking to go back hometown for the past holiday? Well, the plan withdrawn, and my baby, was in deep trouble.. Wahaha...

Ok, here the story goes. Baby is having some kind of skin problem that she has the dandruff growing over her back, and her fur keep falling. Since I was free the last weekend, so I decided to shaved all her fur, so we can do some treatment on her skin. It's rather difficult to do something when her fur all covered.

So, there we goes. Before I bath her, I shaved all her fur. And there she became like this,

And you know what, she been shivering when we sleep at night the day. Probably it's cold in the room with air-cond on, and she got no more fur to protect her. Poor baby. And, she keep sticking to me in the middle of the night. Well, if it's the normal day, she would probably sleeping like a pig near my legs there where the air-cond can reached. So I had to hug her tight in the blanket.

The second night, I dress her an old T-Shirt before we went to sleep. This time round, she gets back to normal, and leave me alone there. Such a great daughter huh?

This, is her furious look. She was so angry...

And this, is the back.

All the reddish.. Poor little thing..

Hahaha.. Doesn't she look like a shar-pei ?