Dreamz Bakery @ The Strand

(Left Up) Tiramisu
(Right Up) Hazel Nut
(Left Down) Rum n raisin
(Right Down) Dark Choco

I have always been obsessed with mille-crepe. I still remember the day when a friend brought me a piece from the famous Malacca cafe (oops I forgot the name, never been there though), I was just fall at first bite. Alright it actually created a very strong urge in me to crave for it later. And now, whenever I heard of mille-crepe, it will definitely be listed into my must-try list, automatically. Haha..

So, here is this restaurant/cafe in The Strand, Kota Damansara, which is selling this mille-crepe with different sort of flavors. It's actually located at upper floor of a shop, and its been decorated very nicely and warm. Oh and they do serve meals too, not just cakes. It's a very good place for your bunch of friends to gather, or for a family to relax there. 

Anyway, so the other day I was feeling so crave for cakes, and couldn't wait more, then I went there to have my cakes take-away. Bought 4 flavors, and all 4 of them are just so yummy!

Well, my very strong recommendation is the Tiramisu, and Rum n raisin ! If you like mille-crepe too, go to their shop and pampered yourself with one ! Of, of course you may have more than that ~

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I've Got Date With Kat

(left) Buffalo's Wings
(right) Free refillable Toscada Chips

Kat was here for some training, so it gave us a very good chance to meetup and have a chat. But the thing is she will only be here for 1 week, and her plan was so full that I can hardly squeezed myself into a little slot. So we decided to meetup at somewhere near to the hotel she is staying. And, here goes we are to the Chili's, at Mid Valley.

Had a wonderful night with her, updated our life recently... Then we eventually talk like non stop till the restaurant is closing, asking for last order from us. Haha.. Oh I missed her very much. And I missed J and MY too. Too bad MY can't make it for this round...

Anyway, was hoping the perhaps the next round we going to meet is in Australia! Together with J, and her baby ! Hahaha... what a wonderful dream ~

to love, not to love

picture taken from Internet

Men always scolds women saying she is so stupid, idiot and brainless
Men always feels impatience and lost temper when he talk to women
Men never cares about  women's tears, he just ignore her
Men never cares about women's feeling, he never saying words that women do not like to hear keep doing things that women do not like
Does he still loves the women?


Women always get scold by men saying that she is so stupid, idiot and brainless
Women is terrified to talk to men for she always can't speak her minds out correctly but get scolded
Women do not like to cry but she feels miserable every time for what men did to her
Sooner, women feels disappointing and hold back all her feeling
Sooner, women learnt not to care about men and stays in her own world
Sooner, women felt tired and bored of men and all that she wants to do is to get out
Does she still loves the men?


How possibly this two person going to continue their life together?
How possibly this two person still loving each other?