Jung Wong Korean BBQ @ Persiaran Ampang Hilir

Last Friday went to a farewell for a colleague, another 1 left, hm.. It was this Koraean BBQ Restaurant at Persiaran Ampang Hilir.

You may find two different type of dining area here, the garden style, or the kitchen style. If you prefer a nature view, nice decoration, nice ambiance, you may want to select the garden style. Well, provided you are pretty sure you would win the mosquito here.

If you prefer a family style, like dining in your own kitchen, well you may want to select the kitchen style, which is indoor. So, no fighting with mosquito, just a bit stuffy in there.

Anyway, for food wise, well, I will say so-so. But I don't think I will go for second time.

The main entrance

The garden after the main entrance, which are the garden-style dining area.
Surrounded by bamboos, the ambiance is real good, despite the mosquito though 

Like other Korean or Japanese style dining, the seats required you to squad

If you do not wish to serve your precious blood out there, you can choose this indoor kitchen style dining area, right after the garden

These, are the famous must-have Korean snack plates

The stove for BBQ

BBQ Pork Slices

BBQ Chicken slices

Set 1, consist of a bowl of soup, and a bowl of steamed rice

The Kimchi Toufu Soup

Kimchi Vege Soup, you may also find some glass noodle in it

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Kimchi Fried Rice