Confusing . Wondering

[ 不明白 . 纳闷 ]

Why, do people have to go through the 4 phases(birth, get older, sickness, dead)?
Dose your journey of life, already been decided during the moment you are born?

Why, do people have feeling and emotion?
When you are happy, you smile
When you are sad, you cry
When you are angry, you scold

Why, do people must live?
What is the purpose of living?
Everyday repeat whatever we have done yesterday, what is the fun of it?

Why, do people have different fate?
We, are all human being. Why there are so big differences between our fate?
You, may live happily the whole life
I, may live like a busy bird the whole life
He, may live like a lousy fellow the whole life

What is the meaning of life?
What is the definition of meaning of life?
What exactly is the meaning itself?

Suddenly these questions cross over my mind. But then, in the end, I couldn't find any of this answer.

Those great words to motivate people, I know plenty of it. But, how many of us can really work on it? Well, I have to admit that I can't.

Tomorrow will be better
When, is this tomorrow coming?
Will I be able to even get rid of today?

To live aggressively, to chase your dreams
How to be aggressive if I don't even have the target?
Dreams.. is too far away that I don't even dare to think about it.

Do not mess up the condition, do not think too much
When you are surrounded by darkness, can you not think?
When you been hurt by the lies again and again, can you not think?

It is absolutely depends on your thinking, whether a glass of water is half empty, or half full
When you have been facing too many negatives, can you still be positives?
Who don't want to be positives?