Balik Kampung @ July 2012

It was my cousin sister's wedding last week. So I took the opportunity go back to my long-time-no-return hometown.

Looking back, it was like centuries ago. My, I've not return to my hometown for ages. Hm... I guess KL is more like a home to me now. Well, though not a complete 1, yet.

Anyway, found a lot of changes here and there in the town. The roads, lots of new development, lots of night spots, and the getting serious heavy traffic. The most disappointing me is the beach, it's getting very commercialized now. :( However, it may be a good prospect. But somehow it's just no longer the TC that I used to go.

Here used to be tar road for cars, now it turned into a Pasar Minggu, selling all those imported Thailand stuff. I still remember how I used to drive here (when I start driving), and how I used to cycle here (yes, I do cycling). I like to park my car at the road side, off the music and wind down the window, and just pay attention to the soothing waves, let it bring my soul to a peaceful place. I also like to stare at the blue sky, fills with lots of different shape of clouds, and let my imagination fly fly through the space. But I can never do this anymore...

Oh and I was so lucky that I met my primary school teacher, Miss Chiok, whom taught me Moral then. After almost 15+ years, she looks more matured now, and more white hairs. But all this doesn't makes her looks old at all, in fact she is so energetic and passionate now. The moment I met her, was when she busy distributing the brochures for the coming 714 anti-Lynas gathering. 

When I go forward to her and greet her, she seems surprise. Then I told I was her student, and she looks so happy. But too bad, she couldn't recognize me. But of-course, she been teaching for so many years, her students were all around. Moreover, I'm not extraordinary smart or dumb (:P). Anyway, it's really happy to see her being so healthy and happy. She said, although it might not help much, but we must do something and try our very best to stop the Lynas.We must tell everybody that we do not want it to be here!

Hm... Look at this small peaceful town, I really can't imagine how would it be when the Lynas starts its operation later. For those youngsters, they can always go to other place for better life. But what about the elderly? It will be surely a cruelty to ask them leave the place where they stayed for most of their life, leaving their friends and relatives, go to a new place to start all over again.

Therefore, I really really wish the government could reconsider wisely on this. Please listen to the public and the residents, and be open minded. Don't just because of the $$$ and ruined the country. 

As a residents on the mother Earth, as a Kuantan people, I just want to say, PLEASE LEAVE! and PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE!!

My Silly Boy, Buddy

This is my son, the silly Buddy. After 8 years with the company of Baby, here we are adopted a son, a company for Baby too.

Buddy tends to be very sticky, wherever I go he will be there. Example, When I go up stair, he will follow up stair. When I go down stair, he will also follow down stair. When I go toilet, he will definitely follow tightly into the toilet, and lie on the floor in front of the toilet bowl. If there is the case he isn't fast enough to get in before I close the door, he will then lie in front of the door and wait for me.

Oh, and also, once he saw me lay on the lazy chair, he will quickly run over to me, climb up and lean on me. All this is done in 2 seconds. If I scold him for being rough or stop him from climb up on me, he will then ignore me and continue to lean on me, very tightly, unmovable, like he heard nothing, and stare at me with his innocent eyes. Just like this...

See? It's not innocent after all, it's the most 'cunning' stares in the world !

And the silly boy sleep just like his big sister, all four legs are up ! My goodness, it's really like people say, it would take just three days learning to be bad, but it would take three years learning to be good.

The best thing he could do very very well, is that he can tells if he is in dangerous! Whenever they are playing, or fighting, or communicating, and when the situation gets serious, when all the roaring, howling sounds getting loud and loud.. When he saw/heard one with cane is coming, he will quickly stop all action, and quickly lie down on the floor with four legs all down, and rolling his eyes here n there, pretend nothing ever happened! Then his silly sister, my silly baby, is way too dumb to notice anything and continue to poke him.

Hahaha.. This is my silly boy -- Buddy. And he is now already one and half years old.


My Blogs

So I've finally decided.

I shall continue my Chinese blog in Wordpress (只是一些东东) and English remain here in Blogspot (Just SomethingZ).

Sorry for any inconvenient caused, and thanks for be with me ~