Change. Good or Bad ?

[ 改变.好.坏 ]

The 12th Malaysia Election has marked the end. The result, is absolutely out of expected! Well, either it's good, or bad? We'll be able to see it in short future. One thing I can tell, is that I am really happy.

Am really excited during the moment waiting for the result. It's really a big regret that we can't be in Malaysia, to share the moment together. Not able to watch the live from TV, all we can depend are the Internet. There has been few times that's we encountered the server down when we tried to refresh for updates. Even the malaysiakini, has been announcing mirrors during the counting.

Our finger keep click on the refresh button, our eyes keep staring at the screen reading the stories, our heart been smiling all the way out. Hahaha... Especially the moment when we knew our beloved never-fall-down-hero, has finally went down!

But one thing, that I find it's really suspected. The son-in-law of our another beloved leader also won the seats after recount. The question is, how can he gain extra 800+ seats after recount while he actually failed with 80+ seats? Moreover, he even said, this is not the end of the world. My goodness.. Is this the way a so-called leader should say, even when the party failed? What in the world did he think he is involved in?

I'm not familiar with the politics in our country, and I didn't show extra concern regarding it. But as a Chinese that born and living in the country, I do see and hear.

All I want to say is,
We are not a blind, we are not a deaf, we definitely are not senseless.
We have eyes we can see, we have ears we can hear, we have feeling we can feel!