A Life for Sale

[ 拍卖人生 ]

There is this English gentleman, that is currently staying in Australia, trying to have his life open for life. Where? When? Why? What?


June 22nd, 2008 at noon

His beloved wife leaving him for another man, he felt so fed up of his current life that full of his wife's shadow. So he decided to get a way from all this, and starts a new. To do so, he needs money.

Everything, just everything belongs to him. His house, bike, bycycle, job, clothes, family, friends, etc etc etc

Please refer to A Life 4 Sale.


There must be some unbearable pain when one has to sell off his life. But this guy, is it really necessary to do so? Is it worth after all? I mean does he has to go this extreme?

Well anyway, I'm thinking... If I would like to sell off my life too, will there be any buyer? Hm..

What do you think? Will you sell of your life?