Flowers Flowers

[ 路边的野花不要採 ]

What do you do after lunch?

Sit in front of the computer chatting? Surfing? Blogging?
Grovel on the table and take an after-lunch-nap?
Get around with colleagues with some BIG things?

I found a good exercise for our after-lunch-activity now, to walk 2 rounds surround office building. Well, take it as to take a break from heavy workload, or to take in fresh air (hm.. though not fresh at all), or to take some sun bath (hm.. the sun is getting burning nowadays..). Yesterday, we did another thing too.

We found some nice species of flowers around office building, so we grab the camera, and took some photos! Hm.. Don't ask me what species are those... Seriously I do not know..

Oh, not to mentioned, to take photos of these flowers are just not an easy task, we got scolded, by the security guard. Well, we stepped on the grasses to take the beautiful flowers.. Hahaha.. A big sacrifices you know..

Btw, do you know flowers are one of the big helper in Kama Sutra to create an exotic environment?

Y Not! The Chinese Kitchen

[ Y Not! The Chinese Kitchen ]

The guys have been moved to their new apartment yesterday. So today, we went to the Mega Mall nearby for some groceries shoppe. And, so we go for dinner too.

Food Court at the top floor is the destination. There have Subway, Domino's Pizza, McDonald, Indian Food, etc. Our choice of the night is this Y Not! The Chinese Kitchen.

Chili Chicken Platter, RS151 (RM15). Actually after the amount is RS170 after added in the tax.. So this platter included dishes as below..

(Left) Chicken soup. This is too salty, not good.
(Right) Chili Chicken. The sauce is a little sour and spicy, taste great.

(Left) Salad. Too spicy, we didn't even finished it.
(Right) Spring rolls. The wrapper is fried to real crunchy, with vegetable fillings. Yep, I like this dish.

Fried noodle. Well, eat the noodle with Chili Chicken Sauce is a big YES.

This is from another stall, Tikka Chicken.

花言巧语 - 黄莺莺

[ 花言巧语 - 黄莺莺 ]

It's been so long I didn't listen this song. A song that I loved to listen, and sing so much.

Caught it from MyFm just now, and it surely reminds me of how wonderful I was, when this song was hit. Used to sing this song with my roommate, Yin. And, every time when we reached the final part, where the high pitch is.. OMG, our tunes our pitch all gone.. Then we went laugh like hell.

Miss the old days, miss the days when I'm still studying, where nothing is too much troubles.

I miss the old days..

~~ ** ~~

花言巧语 - 黄莺莺

作词:邓嘉琳 陈伟

仿佛记得那夏天 美好回忆属于我俩之间
景物犹在人事已非 你已不在我身边
曾经许下的山盟海誓 如今已跟你随风而逝
爱承受不了花言巧语的你 谁也看不清

Oh What’s Going On
You Said You Understand You Didn’t Mean A Thing
My Love Was Just Too Much For You
Well Baby I Must Agree
期待你的回首 倾听我心诉说

You Said You Understand You Didn’t Mean A Thing
My Love Was Just Too Much For You
Well Baby I Must Agree
往日甜蜜回忆 深锁在我心里
就让那往事如风一般去 缱绻而去

期待你的回首 倾听我心诉说
往日甜蜜回忆 深锁在我心里


[ 无言哪 ]

Today, I get to know further about my beloved company. And my only reaction is this.. SPEECHLESS..

Since it's been the final decision by company, then no point to say further.

When two cannot walk toward the same direction, then I don't see the point to continue?

What do you say?

2008 Election is coming

[ 大选将近 ]

I don't know if you ever noticed, when you read the the news on newspaper recently, minimum 8 out of 10 pieces are about the great election. Others are like nothing at all.

Stories about the YAB, stories about the parties, etc.
Party A said if you choose Party B, you are gonna get yourself in trouble, for Party B is racist!
Party B said if you choose Party A, you are gonna get yourself in trouble, for Party A is not a good party, that it won't help in our society.
Some even came out an advertisement to ask people vote for them.

I can only say, OMG...
I am a very lazy person, I don't know much about politics, I don't know who and who, are with what and what party, and what are they fighting for.
I only know they all like to talk much. Whether they can really, and whether they will really do what they said, we shall see after they won the party.

People who get involved with politics, are all some person, they are just not somebody. Well, this is what I believed.

So.. hell all the bull shits.. It's good to listen.

Are you bored, baby?

[ 宝贝你很闷吗 ]

Saw baby the other day on the Skype. She seems so lonely and boring.. My heart was pain..

Sing with me

[ 为我伴唱 ]

Viewed a video clip from the Internet the other day, a dog sing for his owner while his owner playing guitar. It reminded me of a dog I used to have,

I played piano last time during my secondary school. Every evening, I would practice my piano at the living hall. Right after few songs, you would hear another voice. Hehe.. It's from one of my dog. Perhaps, he would like to sing together with my piano.

He, named zai-zai, a mixed breed dog with black and white color fur. Hm.. Well if you look at his fur, you would say this dog is so dirty and ugly, just because of his messy fur. He seems to be rather fierce, when he bark. But deep down, he is so silly and funny. Just too bad, I can't find his photo and upload here. Back in KL, I do have few of his photos.

Back then, my house have only few dogs. My eldest sister didn't like him. She thinks he is sort of crazy, so usually just locked him up in the cage. And, he got no choice but to stay in the cage. Still, he like my eldest sister, happy to see her around.

I like to look for him, probably I think he is really pity. Others can walk around the surrounding, but he has to be in the cage alone. So I sneak in the cage to play with him everyday. He liked to play, jump here and there, run here n there, a real funny fellow.

Unfortunately, he has infected by some decease, some blardy flies shit on his penis, and it turned to be worms. This blardy worms ate his penis..

I tried to use the dettol plus water to clean his wound, but all to its no avail. His wounds getting worse, the worms like never gone. I have to sit down there with him, clean his wound, and catch the worms. And tell you what, I can clearly see his eyes filled with tears. It's pain, no doubt.

Some times later, he passed away. I don't know the actual reason why because we didn't send him to the vet, eldest sister won't allow him to sit in her car. Hm.. Most probably because the worms got into his inner organs.. Sigh..

That was 10 years plus ago. I do miss them some times now, every one of them, him, his mother, and his sister. They are all my beloved.

didn't practice piano now no more, no one would accompany me, and sing for me then.

Dancing King(s)

[舞动天下 ]

This was what my colleague, Chan met the other day when he went to New Delhi. It happened in Pizza Hut, where located in the biggest mall in New Delhi, Ambi Mall.

Well, they do dance very well, don't you think? Can see they are all well trained.

So, never ever under estimate a Pizza Hut staff. They can beat the BollyWood star any time!

Sum Yam Gai

[ Sum Yum Gai ]

There is a Chinese Restaurant nearby my hostel in India, named Sum Yum Gai. Hm.. Don't ask me what does it call in Chinese.

Anyway, went for lunch with Doudou, and Ting the other day. Here's what we had.

This photo from 豆记's 印度中餐馆-Sum Yum Gai.

This is the look of the stall, though it may be small, but it serves good food.

You may leave your message here, or to intro other customer the dishes that you like.

Sweet corn vege soup, RS39 (RM3.90). Hm.. I don't like the taste at all.

Chicken Combo Meal, RS139 (RM13.90).
This include fried rice, a spring rolls, and a small bowl of chicken in lemon sauce. Taste fantastic, especially the fried rice.

Chopsuey in American style, RS79 (RM7.90).
Crunchy noodle with sweet and sour sauce, yummy!

P/S: They server real big portion. One plate of meal is just nice for two person.

One Family

[ 一家人 ]

If you remember, I mentioned about my 'FAMILY' before. It happened during my college time, that we were really happy that time.

Was doing some cleaning and packing the other day when I was back in KL. Then, I found this drawing. This, is the family photos of mine, was draw by 'papa'. Post it here for your view, and as of my record.

The drawing is really nice, that it does look alike every member of the family. Look at them, remind me of them. Miss you all~

I'm sick again

[ 阿晶又病啦 ]

I think, I am really not suitable with India. I'm sick, again. This time round, three out of four of us ladies are sick.

Flu + fever, are the virus that killing me. Doctor gave me two MC to rest at home. So, I only have to go office 3 days in this week. Hahaha.. Not a bad idea after all right?

Hm.. But then I think I'm going to be 'medic freak' soon.. Gosh...

Guess Guess Guess ~Answer

[ 猜中没奖答案揭晓 ]
The answer is... the nose of my lovely daughter!

Was chatting with daddy other day online, baby was busybody-ing, walk here n there. Then I took the opportunity capture this pic.

Hehe.. Can you see her big nose, the big hole? Yea.. daddy even managed to stuck his finger in it!

Original post: Guess guess guess

A story of 40K

[ 4万元的故事 ]

I know this isn't any news anymore. Valentine's already passed, Chinese Valentine's is today. Yes, I'm talking about the huge billboard at LDP.

I am really wondering what makes a person would do so to his women? To be good, he is romantic. To be worse, he is such a splendid and forceful.

HE, is young and successful. If he isn't young, he won't have the guts to do so. If he isn't successful, he won't have the money, throw the 40k to do so. What is all about romance? It's all money matters..

Plus, his face must be thick enough, thick enough to stand everybody's judgment.

HER REPLY, is being moved by his sincerity? or be course of her own shallowness? A man would spend so much time to think of something to make you happy. A man would have do something so embarrassing to tell the world how much he loved her. Just imagine when you are old later, it's such a romance and honor to tell your grandchildren about this..

However, if you do not love this man, or if you do not think it's the time to get married with this man yet, it's such a big big difficulty to decide. How to reject him, when everybody knows about it? YES is not the answer, NO is also not the answer..

40K is really a big sum, well at least to me. To decide whether it's worth or not, it's fully depends on those who involved. Only them have the rights to judge so.

Anyway, wish them happy forever though.

Wishing you all a very Happy Chinese Velentien's Day~

Guess guess guess

[ 猜中没奖 ]

Any idea what is this??
Check out for the answer tomorrow!

I'm alive, doing things I wanted to do

[ 我理直气壮的活着, 做我想做的事 ]

Found this small notebook the other day when I was packing my stuff back home. The very first page has this paragraph written.
Speak to the world that you are now living,
It doesn't matter if people do watching on me, I am here.
I am living with good intention and without guilt, doing things I wanted to do.
Can't remember when did I found this paragraph, but no doubt I must have love it very much. "I am living with good intention and without guilt, doing things I wanted to do." Such a wonderful sentence..

Well, how many of us managed to do so? I am working hard toward it. What about you?

A day is a day

[ 过得一日係一日 ]

My colleague, Chan, was asking, "We still have 82 days in India, right?"
Then, I answered, "I don't know, and I don't want to know. Just pass the day our best."

This is just the second day we are here. We have another 89 days to go. My goodness.. when will the figure slide down to 10+?

To me, any number larger then 20 is a BIG BIG number. When I look at these BIG BIG number everyday, man, I'll go crazy I can tell you!

Why don't give our mind piece of peace? Just forget about the number, forget about the unhappiness, forget about it all. Hm.. I know, I'm a little A Q, you may say. Well, nothing wrong with that, right?

深爱着你 - 陈百强

[ 深爱着你 - 陈百强 ]

Caught this song the other day when I watch the <和味浓情>. It feels so familiar that I barely remember whose the singer. But no doubt, it's a very very very nice song! Then.. Suddenly I remember. He has been leaving us for 15 years now. Yes, he is Danny Chan.

To listen online, please click here 深爱着你.

Also, found this website developed by his fellow fans. If you like him too, do visit 离不开, 陈百强.

~~ ** ~~






Happy >> SAD

[ 喜极悲来 ]

Spend 2 weeks of happy and enjoy holiday in Malaysia, now I'm back in India. Stepped my foot last night about 10pm time here.

Before I get on the plane, there was a surprise, not a good one.
After landed, there was another surprise, also not a good one.
Reached the new apartment, yes another surprise, definitely not a good one.

How can all this happened?
Am really exhausted now...

Bad News . Bad Mood

[ 坏消息.没心情 ]

Went back to office to collect my passport today. Was told my passport was with the manager, he wanted to meet me. Hm.. Such an uncomfortable feeling..

So, he wanted to tell me that if we cannot finished the project on time, we are asked to extend our stay till end of July. My goodness.. Suddenly I felt 3 straight lines on my forehead.. !)(@*#&*^@#%^! What the hell..

Frankly, I already feel so so moody and sad that I have to leave on Sunday. Now, I'm like OMG..
Actually right before we came back to KL, we have felt something is wrong. The project manager did ask if it's OK for us to extend, for the project development due date is in July. We just throw him lots of excuses, and we even told him the problems we faced there. Then, he told us he will try to see if he can do anything for us to fix the condition. Well, of course we didn't believed him. After all, he is an Indian..

Oh ya, forgot to mention my heater.. It was previously in the big boss's apartment. Due to the inefficient of Miss T, big boss specially get someone to send the heater over. Well, don't you think it's a bit funny?

Her job is to keep us, who traveled from oversea, safe and sound in India, to take care of us, and to fulfill our needs. But what we was having is the total opposite. If she can't even perform this, why does the company keep her still? Or is her one of the relatives of someone in the company?

Whatever.. It's just none of my business anyway. As long as every thing is fine in the new hostel there, we don't even want to alias with her!

Oh yes, we are going to move to another apartment. Just got the email the other day, we are going to switch apartment with another group. This new apartment is more convenient, where there is a supermarket right opposite to the apartment. It will be much more easy for us to do any groceries then. Besides, this apartment stayed by someone before, the condition should be quite OK, I mean the facilities should be in good condition?

Was wondering if this is another tricks that they want to show they are cares, so we will extend till July? Well, let's see.. Really hope this apartment will be better than the previous one!

Good Luck Chuck

[ Good Luck Chuck ]

Watched this romance comedy the other day, a really funny one.

Synopsis from Yahoo! Good Luck Chuck(2007)
A man breaks up with his long-time girlfriend only to see her get engaged to the next guy she dates. The same pattern occurs with his next girlfriend, and continues to repeat. All of a sudden he finds himself becoming a lucky charm for women, who all want to date him.

Happy Valentine's Day 2008

[ 2008 情人节快乐 ]

photo taken at

I'm hereby wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day~
May you and your him/she have a sweet and fun day~


[无所事事 ]

Finally I'm back to work today, and just for today. Actually don't really know why I'm going to work, got nothing to do here..

Been chit-chatting with friends the whole day, been surfing the net whole day.. Hehe.. Later going to a colleague's house "bai nian".. Hehe.. Want to get ANGPOW!!

Planned to leave at 1730 sharp. And now already 1700. Hehe.. Can't wait can't wait!!

Mars and Venus

[ 幸福双人床 ]

Been watching this Singapore Mediacorp series form ASTRO AEC channel, from Monday to Friday at 7pm. The series talks about the relationship of man and women, and their different ways of thinking. For more details, please read 幸福雙人床.

I like the quotes displaying in the show. Here I share some to you all..

男人最爱面子, 当街吵架最没脸.
Do not have an open arguments with man in public, they wanted face so much that they find it very ashamed to do so.
男人一怕性无能, 二怕事业无能.
Man scared of failure in sex most, failure in career second.
男人娶自己喜欢的女人, 只为了不让别的男人碰自己最想碰的女人.
Man married the woman they loved, to prevent another man to touch the woman he wanted to touch most.
Woman loves sweet talks all the times.
A gentlemen can always easily touched a women's heart.

What a mess..

[ 乱了乱了 ]

After the CNY, I found my time has been totally OUT!

Was thinking to get on bed earlier yesterday, since this morning I have an appointment. But then.. My eyes was so tired that its barely open. My mind was so awake that I couldn't sleep at all.

Lying bored on the bed, trying hard to get asleep. And it's getting worse.. Some more baby snoring loud at my side, gosh.. How am I going to sleep?

Went to get some water, then I saw daddy surfing net there. Daddy asked me, "What happened? Not able to sleep?" Then, he get offline and on a TVB movies for me. The , if I remember correctly, the one that ASTRO showing now? The show actually not too bad though..

But then half way, daddy off it. Hm.. =( Probably he knew I need to go for appointment today that I have to get some rest. So he took a DVD and bring me back to room, company me sleep there.

Well, as expected, not able to wake up this morning. If you ever saw my big swallen eyes, full of dark cycle.. You may think that I went to steel chicken what duck the night before..

Gosh, I have to go back to office tomorrow. Can I really able to sleep earlier to night? Can I really able to wake up tomorrow morning?

Baby save my life!

[ 宝贝勇救阿晶 ]

I was boiling hot water the other day. After on the stove, I told daddy to off it after the water is boiling. Then I went for shower.

Half way in my shower, I heard baby barking.. It's like 'woof'.. Few minutes later she barks again.. 'woof'.. Wondering what is she doing that time but because I'm in the middle of shower so I didn't think much.

When I'm done and walk out from the bathroom, I saw her sitting in front of the kitchen, and look at me. I went into the kitchaen and straight I smell something fishy.. The gas!! So I didn't successfully on the stove, and the gas is leaking.. OMG!!

Just imagine..
If, daddy on the lighter to smoke..
If, someone call in..
If, someone press the door bell..
If, nobody found out about it..

OMG.. Really became 'roasted pig' this time...

Eat, Sleep, Gambling ~

[ 睡醒吃,吃完赌,赌完睡 ]

Today is the forth day of Chinese New Year.

Time has been flying so fast. So, I've been back for one week. What have I done for the whole week? The answer is NOTHING, nothing at all, except the first two day for house cleaning. Yeah, I know I'm such a lazy pig..

Was really busy during the holiday. Hm.. The routine has been completely OUT!

Sleep, eat, gambling.. OMG! Day time sleeping, night time gambling.. And that's how I spend my four days.. Such a crazy pig! Haha.. Anyway, I'm enjoying it well..

I believe many of you starting to work tomorrow? Hehe.. DO NOT envy me!! 'Coz I don't have to work tomorrow, YES! Oh well, I took leave actually. So, NO work tomorrow, NO work the day after tomorrow, NO work the day after after after tomorrow.. Just have to go back to office on Wednesday, for some matters.

Well, how did you spend your CNY? No many of you update your blog though?

Happy Happy Chinese New Year 2008!

[ 祝愿大家2008农历新年快乐快乐快快乐! ]

Wishing you all a very happy happy Chinese New Year 2008 ~

Chinese New Year Eve VS Reunion Dinner

[ 吃团圆饭咯 ]

It's the time for the reunion dinner again! Time really flies, another year gonna passed.

New Year Eve, it known to be the reunion dinner for Chinese, to gather around with family and relatives. According to the legend, Chinese take steamboat for reunion dinner. This is because of the way to eat, people have to gather around the steam pot to eat. So there goes the circle, one big happy family sitting round and round to eat.

So, how is your reunion dinner?
What do you eat for your reunion dinner?

Last but not least, I'm here to wish everybody,
Enjoy your reunion dinner~

The last few hours in New Delhi Airport

[ 在新德里机场的最后几个小时 ]

It was terribly boring while we were waiting to get aboard in the New Delhi Airport the other day. We have been told that the service in the airport is "incredible" too, so it's better that we make our move earlier, just to make sure there isn't any accident that we couldn't get up on the plane.

First of all, we have to have our luggages scanned.
There are quite a number of scanner around the airport, you can just get any of those scanner to scan your luggage. After your luggage been scanned, the staff will stripped your luggage, and put a sticker on it, to proved this has been scanned. If you want, you can have your luggage wrapped with plastic too.

Secondly, we have to check in.
After the luggages been scanned, we have to bring them to check in, at the MAS counter. And, to our unfortunate, the counter isn't open yet, not till 0900am. So, we just queue in front of the counter and wait for them. Well, the lucky is we are the first customer of the day~

There are total of 7 of us, with total of 10 luggages to be checked in. Boon saw them throw our luggages on the weight, he even saw his bag got sparks! I quickly told them to handle our luggages with care, but well, expectedly, they just take it as nothing. Urgh...

Thirdly, to check out.
Done with checked-in, we got the boarding pass with us. Heading to look for my brunch! Hm well, due to the last minute packing this morning, I haven't got any food in my stomach.. hungry.. KL said there is Subway in there, so there we go to Subway.

Hm, well, apparently the price here is much more expensive than what we can get out of the airport. A 6 inches long sanwitches cost RS150(Rm15), where out there, we can get with RS99(RM9). But, just got no choice.. Have to pay anyhow, otherwise have to starve for 2 more hours to get on board. Hm, anyway, the food isn't any better in the flight..

Lastly, to get in the waiting area.
After the food, time to queue for another round of scanning. This time, is to scan our body, and all our hand-carries. Gents and Ladies are to be separated, where gents are at the left, ladies are at the right. After all the scanning, the officer finally put their precious chop on the boarding pass, to indicate that we are clean enough to get on flight.

There is a little story here.. JT asked Ashid to help her take in the hand luggage for her, she is all over carried. Unfortunately, she forgot that she has a small little handy knife in her pencil case. There goes the problem, the officer scanned and found about the little knife. They requested the luggage to be opened so they could look for it. To no avail, they have to let Ashid leave. Hm.. Although we managed to pass this, but then come to think of it, how can they let someone wih dangerous tool get on board?

Hm, another thing to tell is that.. hm.. actually I got one scissors in my pencil case too. Luckily they didn't manage to scanned it out.. :p

People mountain people sea.. Do you see the queue? OMG, where is the end of the queue??

These are the filtered water the airport prepared. Hm.. frankly, I wouldn't have the guts to drink it!! My goodness.. It's just look like those criminal covering with black clothes, waiting to get on the 'stage'..

This is one of the famous Chinese express stall in the India, Yo! China. They sell Chinese Dim Sum. And, JT couldn't stand the seduction, she went to bought 1 plate of the "Xiu Mai". Hahaha...

Here goes the "xiu mai".. Hm.. It's doesn't taste good at all. The skin was too thick, and the inner was so bad..

Char Shao Bao

[ 叉烧包 ]

May I present to you, my beloved "Char Shao Bao".

Been so obsessed to Char Shao Bao my whole life, especially the one made my mother. Too bad, not going to have another one of them now. Hm..

Well, now that I'm back in Malaysia, of course, Char Shao Bao is a MUST-HAVE!

This one, bought from a road stall near to my house. The taste isn't as good as my mother's, but well, it's considered not bad at all.

I'm Back!

[ 阿晶回来咯 ]

Hello everyone!!

Haha.. Finally I'm back!! to my beloved Malaysia, to my beloved KL!!!

Am really happy, and excited, and happy, and excited!!
I've made it!!

It was such a bitch to wait for that long hours, from India Airport, till I put my foot on Malaysia's land.

Say, how good it will be if the Doraemon's wonder door does exist? I can go anywhere, anytime, to meet just anybody at all! It's much more efficient than the well known Harry Potter's tran-port. Well, at least I don't have to suffer the process of transfering?!

Anyway, am really happy that I'm back! +D

Incredible Cabling System

Check it out!

The cabling there we can see all around the roadside in New Delhi!

Gosh, I wonder if one day they will just love each other too much that sparkles everywhere..

Incredible Circus On the Road

Caught this pair of brother and sister on the way to New Delhi. They little sister was trying really hard to demonstrate all her tricks to the people in the car passes by. In fact, she did it real quick so they can get some earning from the audiences.

Frankly, I do think they are much better than those who just open their hand to ask for money. Well, at least they do "something".

Amazing Indian Man

Well, apparently this applied to Indian man as well..

Amazing Indian Woman

This tactics is well known for Indian woman, to put on something on her head, and still able to walk very stable here and there.

It's just amazing!