Y Not! The Chinese Kitchen

[ Y Not! The Chinese Kitchen ]

The guys have been moved to their new apartment yesterday. So today, we went to the Mega Mall nearby for some groceries shoppe. And, so we go for dinner too.

Food Court at the top floor is the destination. There have Subway, Domino's Pizza, McDonald, Indian Food, etc. Our choice of the night is this Y Not! The Chinese Kitchen.

Chili Chicken Platter, RS151 (RM15). Actually after the amount is RS170 after added in the tax.. So this platter included dishes as below..

(Left) Chicken soup. This is too salty, not good.
(Right) Chili Chicken. The sauce is a little sour and spicy, taste great.

(Left) Salad. Too spicy, we didn't even finished it.
(Right) Spring rolls. The wrapper is fried to real crunchy, with vegetable fillings. Yep, I like this dish.

Fried noodle. Well, eat the noodle with Chili Chicken Sauce is a big YES.

This is from another stall, Tikka Chicken.