Dreamz Bakery @ The Strand

(Left Up) Tiramisu
(Right Up) Hazel Nut
(Left Down) Rum n raisin
(Right Down) Dark Choco

I have always been obsessed with mille-crepe. I still remember the day when a friend brought me a piece from the famous Malacca cafe (oops I forgot the name, never been there though), I was just fall at first bite. Alright it actually created a very strong urge in me to crave for it later. And now, whenever I heard of mille-crepe, it will definitely be listed into my must-try list, automatically. Haha..

So, here is this restaurant/cafe in The Strand, Kota Damansara, which is selling this mille-crepe with different sort of flavors. It's actually located at upper floor of a shop, and its been decorated very nicely and warm. Oh and they do serve meals too, not just cakes. It's a very good place for your bunch of friends to gather, or for a family to relax there. 

Anyway, so the other day I was feeling so crave for cakes, and couldn't wait more, then I went there to have my cakes take-away. Bought 4 flavors, and all 4 of them are just so yummy!

Well, my very strong recommendation is the Tiramisu, and Rum n raisin ! If you like mille-crepe too, go to their shop and pampered yourself with one ! Of, of course you may have more than that ~

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I've Got Date With Kat

(left) Buffalo's Wings
(right) Free refillable Toscada Chips

Kat was here for some training, so it gave us a very good chance to meetup and have a chat. But the thing is she will only be here for 1 week, and her plan was so full that I can hardly squeezed myself into a little slot. So we decided to meetup at somewhere near to the hotel she is staying. And, here goes we are to the Chili's, at Mid Valley.

Had a wonderful night with her, updated our life recently... Then we eventually talk like non stop till the restaurant is closing, asking for last order from us. Haha.. Oh I missed her very much. And I missed J and MY too. Too bad MY can't make it for this round...

Anyway, was hoping the perhaps the next round we going to meet is in Australia! Together with J, and her baby ! Hahaha... what a wonderful dream ~

to love, not to love

picture taken from Internet

Men always scolds women saying she is so stupid, idiot and brainless
Men always feels impatience and lost temper when he talk to women
Men never cares about  women's tears, he just ignore her
Men never cares about women's feeling, he never saying words that women do not like to hear keep doing things that women do not like
Does he still loves the women?


Women always get scold by men saying that she is so stupid, idiot and brainless
Women is terrified to talk to men for she always can't speak her minds out correctly but get scolded
Women do not like to cry but she feels miserable every time for what men did to her
Sooner, women feels disappointing and hold back all her feeling
Sooner, women learnt not to care about men and stays in her own world
Sooner, women felt tired and bored of men and all that she wants to do is to get out
Does she still loves the men?


How possibly this two person going to continue their life together?
How possibly this two person still loving each other?

the benefits of owning a dog

拥狗乐 ]

This has really touched my heart!

Just to share with all of your, my friends ~

picture taken from the Internet

My Ball Ball...

My two little princess and prince been having small war nowadays, over a ball.

Usually the prince having control on all the toys, while the princess will only play when she is in real good mood. But when the princess trying to take the toy, the prince will then get angry and faster grab back his toy. And then, the two will hold the toy tight, and don't want to let go.

And, usually, the princess is always the one who lost the war. She will let go first, probably caused of her age, that she is lack of energy, I mean her teeth.

Anyway... Today, unexpectedly, the princess has got the ball hold very tightly that the prince actually gave up first! Hahaha...

buddy: the ball ball is mine, give it back to me!
baby: no! I saw it first, it's mine!

buddy: no! it's mine!
baby: no! it's mine!

baby: wuuwu......
buddy: wuuwu......

buddy: give me my ball ball... wuwuu...

baby: yay! I got it!

buddy: I want..
baby: wuu...

baby: hm.....

baby: hm hmmm....

baby: nothing special also.. not fun.. pit!
buddy: ????

A great Sunday

A great Sunday morning, starts with a great breakfast.

A cheesy egg banjo, served with a cup of soothing black coffee from Ikea 
(well, the coffee powder is from Ikea, very worth deal though
RM 9.90 for 250gm)

And then...

Following by a great mood the whole day ~

It's time to sleep

睡觉啦 ]

Okay, this is taken while we all asleep. 

P/S: Please ignore the messy rubbish at the side.

The journey has begun

(picture taken from the Internet)

The almanac, says that today is a suitable day for house renovation.

Yesterday went to pay the deposit for my house renovation, and request the sifu to start work Today. Just a simple knock here or there will do. Well, we didn't do much though, just to extend the kitchen, and to install some wall units. Basically that's it.

But what I can foresee is that the flowing of the papers, which we call $$$, will be like water... Friends all say that the final amount for it is actually atleast double of the amount of your budget. Hm...

Anyway, after one year plus getting the keys, finally, the journey has begun! Let's hope everything go smoothly and problem-less-ly...

Balik Kampung @ July 2012

It was my cousin sister's wedding last week. So I took the opportunity go back to my long-time-no-return hometown.

Looking back, it was like centuries ago. My, I've not return to my hometown for ages. Hm... I guess KL is more like a home to me now. Well, though not a complete 1, yet.

Anyway, found a lot of changes here and there in the town. The roads, lots of new development, lots of night spots, and the getting serious heavy traffic. The most disappointing me is the beach, it's getting very commercialized now. :( However, it may be a good prospect. But somehow it's just no longer the TC that I used to go.

Here used to be tar road for cars, now it turned into a Pasar Minggu, selling all those imported Thailand stuff. I still remember how I used to drive here (when I start driving), and how I used to cycle here (yes, I do cycling). I like to park my car at the road side, off the music and wind down the window, and just pay attention to the soothing waves, let it bring my soul to a peaceful place. I also like to stare at the blue sky, fills with lots of different shape of clouds, and let my imagination fly fly through the space. But I can never do this anymore...

Oh and I was so lucky that I met my primary school teacher, Miss Chiok, whom taught me Moral then. After almost 15+ years, she looks more matured now, and more white hairs. But all this doesn't makes her looks old at all, in fact she is so energetic and passionate now. The moment I met her, was when she busy distributing the brochures for the coming 714 anti-Lynas gathering. 

When I go forward to her and greet her, she seems surprise. Then I told I was her student, and she looks so happy. But too bad, she couldn't recognize me. But of-course, she been teaching for so many years, her students were all around. Moreover, I'm not extraordinary smart or dumb (:P). Anyway, it's really happy to see her being so healthy and happy. She said, although it might not help much, but we must do something and try our very best to stop the Lynas.We must tell everybody that we do not want it to be here!

Hm... Look at this small peaceful town, I really can't imagine how would it be when the Lynas starts its operation later. For those youngsters, they can always go to other place for better life. But what about the elderly? It will be surely a cruelty to ask them leave the place where they stayed for most of their life, leaving their friends and relatives, go to a new place to start all over again.

Therefore, I really really wish the government could reconsider wisely on this. Please listen to the public and the residents, and be open minded. Don't just because of the $$$ and ruined the country. 

As a residents on the mother Earth, as a Kuantan people, I just want to say, PLEASE LEAVE! and PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE!!

My Silly Boy, Buddy

This is my son, the silly Buddy. After 8 years with the company of Baby, here we are adopted a son, a company for Baby too.

Buddy tends to be very sticky, wherever I go he will be there. Example, When I go up stair, he will follow up stair. When I go down stair, he will also follow down stair. When I go toilet, he will definitely follow tightly into the toilet, and lie on the floor in front of the toilet bowl. If there is the case he isn't fast enough to get in before I close the door, he will then lie in front of the door and wait for me.

Oh, and also, once he saw me lay on the lazy chair, he will quickly run over to me, climb up and lean on me. All this is done in 2 seconds. If I scold him for being rough or stop him from climb up on me, he will then ignore me and continue to lean on me, very tightly, unmovable, like he heard nothing, and stare at me with his innocent eyes. Just like this...

See? It's not innocent after all, it's the most 'cunning' stares in the world !

And the silly boy sleep just like his big sister, all four legs are up ! My goodness, it's really like people say, it would take just three days learning to be bad, but it would take three years learning to be good.

The best thing he could do very very well, is that he can tells if he is in dangerous! Whenever they are playing, or fighting, or communicating, and when the situation gets serious, when all the roaring, howling sounds getting loud and loud.. When he saw/heard one with cane is coming, he will quickly stop all action, and quickly lie down on the floor with four legs all down, and rolling his eyes here n there, pretend nothing ever happened! Then his silly sister, my silly baby, is way too dumb to notice anything and continue to poke him.

Hahaha.. This is my silly boy -- Buddy. And he is now already one and half years old.


My Blogs

So I've finally decided.

I shall continue my Chinese blog in Wordpress (只是一些东东) and English remain here in Blogspot (Just SomethingZ).

Sorry for any inconvenient caused, and thanks for be with me ~

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe

Was driving to work this morning, has to be there before 8am, to get myself a daily parking slot.

Yeah, it's very difficult to get a parking around my office area. Moreover, the parking fees is extremely expensive! Try to imagine the below rates, of course this is applicable for daily rate only, seasonal parking are all full !
  • RM15 - location A located just next door, has to reach before 8am to entitle, basement parking
  • RM15 - location B located about walking distance 5 mins, reach 8.30am still have empty slot, open area
  • RM 8 - location C located about walking distance 5 mins, has to reach at 7am to entitle, open area
  • RM 5 - location D located about walking distance 5 mins, has to reach at 7am to entitle, open area.
  • RM 0 - location E located about walking distance 20-25 mins, reach 8.30am still have empty slot, open housing area

So, tell me, which will you take?

Anyway, I took the location A which is just next door to my office. Parked my car and walk up to the building, before 8am. Great, still enough time to get some breakfast before start work. So I went to the O'Briens, and ordered their combo set.

Breakfast Combo Set B, RM9.80
Consists of Egg Mayonnaise and Chicken Crisp in French Loaf, 
and a cup of cappuccino

The combination of Egg Mayonnaise and Chicken Crisp does a perfect match
but frankly, if the portion of the ingredient could increase a bit more it will real great

The damages
Surprisingly, RM9.80 actually has all taxes included.

Early morning get the smells of a cup of fine coffee, it's just complete your day, isn't it?  Cheers ~ :)

2012 June Lunchbox Week 3

My new company is having a quite special benefits for its staff, which they provide breakfast and lunch.

Being worked here for nearly 2 months time, I would like to post on the lunch that I had everyday here, just to keep a memory of how sweet my company is. Sorry that I'm not able to capture photo of the breakfast they provided, mostly I don't get to eat them. Why? I'm not fast enough, that's why...

OK, back to the lunch. Some of you may say it looks really delicious and tempting. Well, let me tell you honestly, its all the photo effects. It actually doesn't taste as good as it may look like. Forgive me that I'm not going to describe the taste of the food in these posts. For good or bad, I will still have to eat, and it's not my business to decide what to eat/ not to eat. Well, probably I can still decide what to take among the choices we have, or go out of office to get my own lunch somewhere else.

Anyway, let's take a look for my June week 3 lunchboxes. 

- Grilled Fish
- Tomyam Chicken Soup

- Fried Chili Chicken
- Fried Fish Ball
- Pickled Vege

- Assam Fish
- Black Pepper Chicken
- Fried Toufu

- Rendang Chicken
- Sweet N Sour Fish
- Fried Long Bean
- Watermelon

- Fried Chicken Chop
- Mashed Potatoes
- Coleslaw
- Fried Rice

If you do keep your visit back in few weeks time, I bet you will find the same dishes came out every now and then...

New Boston Restaurant @ Klang

This restaurant has always in my top favorite list! Superb food, and the price is rather cheap! In Cantonese, they say 'PENG, LENG, JENG' !!

Love their food, and Hate to wait!! Well, although the conflicting feeling is really killing... But the Love always win the war. Hahaha... Well, sometimes it's not the matter of the duration you have to wait, but it's the satisfaction after!

Below is my must-have list, let's check it out ~

Steamed Lala Soup, RM22
Hot and spicy refreshing soup with lots of gingers and chilipadi
Big and super fresh lala that's going to satisfy your graving

Deep Fried Nestum Mantis Prawn, RM15
Crunchy salty nestum flakes, good to serve with rice

Pork Ribs King, RM15
Juicy and tender meats in dark and thick soya sauce makes you ask for another after one

Fried Hokkien Mee, RM7
The best i ever tried around KL area, despite the one Petaling Street I had years ago 
(not sure if its still nice as it used to be thought? )

Fried Hokkien Meehoon, RM7
I didn't really like fried hokkien meehoon, so I didn't try this dish.
However, from the comments who had it, it's also best ever around KL

Just do it

Just removed the snow effect in the blog.

Hm... It's a bit funny to see its snowing when its June ??

Haha.. I was so lazy to remove it, although it can be done by just click on 1 button "remove".

Don't know if you all aware of this. Sometimes it's just very simple to "delete" or "erase" or "remove" something which is disturbing, or rather illogical at all. Most of the time, it just require one click to do so. But somehow, may be because we just do not want to make that move.

Anyway, whatever should be delete or erase or remove, do not let anything stop you.


isenbin @ SS2

My very first post to blog about food! Hohoho ~

Was thinking to go the new Paradigm Mall for a walk in the afternoon. But when we reach to the LDP, OMG the traffic is horrible. So we quickly turn to SS2 instead. My oh my... Not going to stuck in the jam...

Took few round in SS2, then finally we stop at this Taiwan dessert shop. I'm sure most of you know about the very well known Snowflakes. This shop do serve the Taiwanese dessert like them, and here you can choose your ingredient. And well, they do have few meals to fill your stomach too. 

Their signature are the 3 cups chicken. But too bad, chicken is still in my untouch list (due to my cough, hm...), so I choose the Braised Beef Noodle Soup. According to the waiter, it's another best seller in the shop.

Oh ya, it's self-service here. So you will have to move your butt to the counter and place your order there. Then you will be given a number plate after payment, and wait for the food to deliver to your table.

#16, our lucky number of the day

Sweet Potato Douhua, RM5.50
(Douhua is smooth, though not as best as the one from the Ipoh Rocky Mountain, but better than many others)

Lemon Jade Jelly Ice, RM5.50
(Very generous portion, the sourness from the lemon makes it very refreshing,
a very good dip for a hot sun day)

Braised Beef Noodle Soup, RM9.90
(Generous portion of beef slices, 
the soup is rather oily, not really my choice, but the taste is good,
the noodle just nice, not too hard and not too soft)

isenbin Cafe
Authentic Taiwanese Handmade Desserts
No 5, Jalan SS22 2/67,
47400 Petaling Jaya.

Blogspot/Wordpress? Eng/Chi?

Now that I'm back, thinking how should I continue with this... Hm...

Blogspot? Wordpress?
Previously, my Chinese blog was moved to blogspot due to some problem to access wordpress in my former company.

Now that I've changed job, should I go back to wordpress? Or should I continue with blogspot? 

Frankly, after so many years writing in wordpress, I do have some unexplained feelings to it. Probably cause I've used to it, and most of my posts are there.

English? Chinese?
I start blogging with English. Then find myself wanted to write in Chinese instead, so I changed to Chinese. Then after some times, find myself have the mood to write in both, so-called to enhance my languages.

But then, I find it's really difficult to maintain 2 different blog, which are actually posting about same thing, only in different language. One thing I find the windows IME switching method is really irritating, that it actually conflicted with my work. (I'm a programmer, using Eclipse for coding. Ctrl+Space is the method in Eclipse for code-assist. And, too bad, I can't live without it !!)

So now, should I continue with both? or only English? or only Chinese?

**scratch head-ing**

Will really need to think about this...

I'm back... again ~

Hey there.. Well ya, I know it's been more than a year back since my last post. Hm..

Many has happened. The good, the bad, and the ugly..

However, the most important is, yes, I AM STILL ALIVE !

So, hopefully will be able to catch back some good old time when I was blogging before..

~ Cheers ~