Blogspot/Wordpress? Eng/Chi?

Now that I'm back, thinking how should I continue with this... Hm...

Blogspot? Wordpress?
Previously, my Chinese blog was moved to blogspot due to some problem to access wordpress in my former company.

Now that I've changed job, should I go back to wordpress? Or should I continue with blogspot? 

Frankly, after so many years writing in wordpress, I do have some unexplained feelings to it. Probably cause I've used to it, and most of my posts are there.

English? Chinese?
I start blogging with English. Then find myself wanted to write in Chinese instead, so I changed to Chinese. Then after some times, find myself have the mood to write in both, so-called to enhance my languages.

But then, I find it's really difficult to maintain 2 different blog, which are actually posting about same thing, only in different language. One thing I find the windows IME switching method is really irritating, that it actually conflicted with my work. (I'm a programmer, using Eclipse for coding. Ctrl+Space is the method in Eclipse for code-assist. And, too bad, I can't live without it !!)

So now, should I continue with both? or only English? or only Chinese?

**scratch head-ing**

Will really need to think about this...