Food at Broga Town

After we reach the ground, everybody was so hungry that we can actually eat a cow. So we drive around the town to look for food!

They said there is a restaurant famous in serving Ikan Bakar in the town. They rare the fishes them-self in the pond, so the fishes are super fresh. But then they only open at 1100. And since everybody are too hungry, so we decided to first eat something while waiting for the Ikan Bakar.

Forgot what's the name of the restaurant, which located near to the Broga Town

Wanton Mee
Chewable noodle, nice to eat

Homemade chili sauce with garlic

Pan Mee
Hm, this what I order after the boos strongly recommend
But I only find it so-so

~~ ** ~~

Pusat Memancing Ikan Broga

The pond is just located next to the restaurant

Can you see the fishes?

The ikan bakar, all 'bakar' with charcoal

Look at the menu, seems like so many variety of choice
But then when we ask for this and that, all not available

The fishes are wrapped nicely in the aluminum foil, and sent to 'bakar'

This is how it looks when the aluminum foil is opened

Basically, we ordered four different types of fishes
But when the fishes are sent in, all looks the same, and taste about the same
The only different might be the side vege in it, some are onion, some are the beans

The fishes are fresh indeed, but it just taste pale, in a way. And the sauce, is super duper salty. Moreover, actually I can't really different if the dish is Tom Yam, or Curry. Somehow I just felt like being cheated. Anyway, there wont be next..