The Appreciation Cards

[ 感谢心意卡 ]

We have this special event today in office. An Indian colleague gave us 5 pieces of self-printed appreciation cards, asked us to join the event.

So first thing, you need to have 5 people in your mind, that you would like to thank or to show appreciation to. Next, write down the words that you wanted to say to that person. Finally, give the person the card you just wrote.

these are the cards I prepared for my colleagues

this is the card I received from my team leader

The Beggars

[ 伸手将军 ]

Right before I came to India, I've been hear about the people used to ask tourist for money. Is it the tradition here? Or is it the people been used to the act?

Let me tell you some examples:

Ladies Washroom
There will be an Indian lady standing at the ladies washroom, said to give you tissue or toilet paper. Then, she is expecting some 'tips' from you. If you don't give her the tips, she will actually ask you for it. Sometimes if you do give her money, she tends to be not satisfied with the amount and ask for more.

At the Roadside
This gang is just everywhere. When your car parked at roadside waiting for people, or when your car park right in front of the traffic lights, they will come near you, either knock on the window or the car door, or even pull your shirt, just to approach you and ask for money. Some will bring some stuff, said its to sell to you. Some even show you some tricks.

Decently Dressed Kids
This one, is really outrageous. If they do it for the poorness they had, then you may say they are pity and they just have no choice as this may be the only option. But, if they just dressed decently and look 'wealthy', and still they ask for money from the tourist? What is this why do they have to do this? Was it for fun? Or do they think they should do this, they can do this as everybody else is doing so?

Sometimes, I was wondering what's the exact reason that this kind of situation happened? Are all of them got no other options but to beg to ask for money? Or do they take it for granted as they are poor and the tourist will give them money for nothing?

Isn't this just so pathetic?