E-Form from the hasilnet

Just got my BE Form submitted.Thanks to the wonder Internet, ofcourse thanks to the government that provide such services so people may avoid the hassle of filling up the forms. In just a button away, you are done with your one year income-tax declaration. How easy is that!

But then, when there is a pros, there will be cons too. The form is submitted in digital form, through the Internet. So it's so rely on the bandwidth off the network your connecting to, the stability of the network your connection to, the accuracy of the data after transmission so it's nto corrupted when its at receiver, and etc.

Last year when I did my income-tax declaration I was in India. And as you know, due to the electricity supply problem, power stripping is so common in India. So I think there was so problem when I submitted my form last year. Some how it got corrupted. (Knew this when I went to the Inccome Tax Department early this year to find out why I have to pay for more than one thousand tax for my year 2007.. )

How could it possibly happened right? I remember correctly I have some rebate after all the hassle calculation. How come I have to pay ? So I went to the department to check it out. Its just so impossible. Then they told me it's because my form got corrupted when they received it. So I do have money rebate, just need some supporting documents.

I guess, this is what we usually say, the water flow can bring you to bright side, or the dark side. Something that should bring you convenient, could have bring you havoc in return.