Coffee-mate VS Milk Powder

Joke of the day.

A lady was trying to make her coffee of the day morning in the pantry. When she opened the cupboard where the nescafe + milo + tea + coffee-mate are, she found the coffee-mate container is gone. But, there is another small little pink square container, with some yellow powder in it. Without long thought, she just opened the container, and poured all the yellow powder in her glass. She thought it was the left-over coffee-mate, after the original container was sent for a shower.

The moment she pour the powder, she smelled something. It's the smell of MILK!! OMG, it's not the coffee-mate, but its the milk powder. Someone must have been put their milk powder there together with the other containers.

Then, she wrote an email to all her colleagues, apologized on the accident.


p/s: She even got a replied saying he likes the way she wrote this email.
p/s: YES, the silly lady is me..