Today's Meal@20080325

[ 今日餐点@20080325 ]

  • Lemon rice
  • Onion fried bread, this is rather oily
  • Curry egg, the curry taste a bit sour
  • Curry potatoes, different type of curry, but I don't know the name
  • Crunchy potato chips, this the best ever
  • Cucumber + tomatoes
Other than lunch, with RS20 (RM2) we will have tea-time served at about 1700 too. Yes, RS20 for one lunch + one tea-time. Well, of course, there is another RS110 (RM11) paid by company.

So, usually they serve some Indian snacks for tea.

Samosa, a famous Indian snack, with filling of curry potatoes, green beans, and some Indian spice.

This, is the tissue I used to wrap the samosa when I eat. Look at it! It has became a super duper oil sucker after used. Damn...

Buy New Car? Buy Me Cake!!

[ 买新车?请吃蛋糕! ]

Hm.. I'm not sure if this is as what I think, that this is a common practice for all India, or just for my company's Indian. This is the forth week I'm here, and this is the second time I get to eat the cake served for the celebration of someone in the company bought a new car.

Don't ask me what's the flavor of the cake, it taste ok, but the structure of the cake itself may be too rough, and dry.

My colleagues and I have been thinking, where does the cake actually came from? Was it a gift from the Car Agent? Did they bought it personally to share the joy with us? Or it's one of the way they trying to tell the world, that they have bought a new car ?