Today's Meal@20080325

[ 今日餐点@20080325 ]

  • Lemon rice
  • Onion fried bread, this is rather oily
  • Curry egg, the curry taste a bit sour
  • Curry potatoes, different type of curry, but I don't know the name
  • Crunchy potato chips, this the best ever
  • Cucumber + tomatoes
Other than lunch, with RS20 (RM2) we will have tea-time served at about 1700 too. Yes, RS20 for one lunch + one tea-time. Well, of course, there is another RS110 (RM11) paid by company.

So, usually they serve some Indian snacks for tea.

Samosa, a famous Indian snack, with filling of curry potatoes, green beans, and some Indian spice.

This, is the tissue I used to wrap the samosa when I eat. Look at it! It has became a super duper oil sucker after used. Damn...