A day is a day

[ 过得一日係一日 ]

My colleague, Chan, was asking, "We still have 82 days in India, right?"
Then, I answered, "I don't know, and I don't want to know. Just pass the day our best."

This is just the second day we are here. We have another 89 days to go. My goodness.. when will the figure slide down to 10+?

To me, any number larger then 20 is a BIG BIG number. When I look at these BIG BIG number everyday, man, I'll go crazy I can tell you!

Why don't give our mind piece of peace? Just forget about the number, forget about the unhappiness, forget about it all. Hm.. I know, I'm a little A Q, you may say. Well, nothing wrong with that, right?